Praia is ready for the big sport

11 June 2014

Rumors have spread of a strange game, it was gaining popularity at a high pace and that did not go unnoticed. But what were the rules of such a game? Not even the wise sages and scholars knew. One thing was certain however, an event had to be arranged to appease the masses. Diplomats from both factions arranged a meeting, one that was to take longer than expected. Amongst these loud meetings nothing was certain, unable to strike an agreement that would satisfy both parties.

The diplomats soon stopped arguing, the people were eager to see what was to happen and the Heroes were looking for a new game, something to take their minds off the war. It quickly became clear that it was the rules that were not important, but the event itself.

In the end, three came forth on the battlefield, calling themselves «Champions of Praia»



Collected and concentrated, his actions are unpredictable and effective. When faced with opponents unaware of his skill and calculation, the outcome is always the same.

  • The original hero : Duelist / Prince of Thieves
  • Features: New voice!
  • Price: 199 gold



Flinging rapid attacks with ease left everyone in awe of this individual. Avoiding enemies and exploiting their defenses soon proved that it could change the course of the action in the blink of an eye.

  • The original hero : Archer / Amazon
  • Features: New voice!
  • Price: 199 gold



Donning a shield and a spear may seem out of place, but this equipment was soon adopted by other midfielders. Pushing back the opposition and aiding his comrades, he's not one to be missed!

  • The original hero : Haka / Daka
  • Features: New voice!
  • Price: 199 gold