Important information about patch 9.15

22 May 2014


Version 9.15 has a lot of important changes, some of which we would like to share with you in advance.

First of all, as promised, Ha'k and Da'ka as well as Nox and Vryl are getting rebalanced. We are also bringing Faceless/Phantom and Brawler/Meijin on par with other heroes by buffing them. These changes are already being tested and approved by our players.

Secondly, with the introduction of the 4th orange talent set, we are removing the 1st one from the drop table. The unique feature of this new set is its dependence on native or enemy terrain, bringing a new depth to the Native Terrain system, influencing the strength of some talents. The first orange talent set will retain its functionality, so if you do have one, you won't lose anything.

Another important change that is on its way is being made to the talent production system, which has been greatly simplified. We are removing the ability to speed up talent production, instead we are making it instant. The overall cost of talent speed-up will be instead transferred to the crystal speed-up, with the whole cycle becoming a lot cheaper. Upgrades to the building will now make it grant more talents at the same crystal cost, increasing its efficiency. Overall talent production will become simple and fast, while freeing up some castle space as well.

The last change will affect all the players that have purchased a hero for 9 gold. In version 9.15, they will gain a new building that will grant them 1 gold every day. This building will be given to all players who had bought a hero for 9 gold both before and after this version.

Of course, these are not all the changes that will be in version 9.15, which is scheduled to hit Prime World around the end of next week.