Desperate and Fiery Priestess are coming

22 April 2014



Stories told by the cracked lips of elders hint at darker times. A page in the book of history can be turned by a knife instead of a gentle hand. One of these stories is the tale of a girl that went by the nickname Arc. A vibrant soul born from the friction of two other souls, the metaphoric description of empathy, a feeling that is both subtle and strong.

Arc was once the daughter of a Lord close to the regent figure of that time. This led her to a childhood spent within noble walls, education and training being provided to turn her into a proper lady. But the quill with which her father wrote degrees was exchanged for a knife, the ink replaced with blood as her family was murdered. She was the only one to escape, now set outside the protective shell of noble life and placed as less than a pawn on the dirty chessboard that is life. They say hope dies last, but hope was left within the walls of the castle, replaced with the thirst for vengeance, with determination for vindication. The once bright arc of innocence and empathy now replaced with the hateful strike of a dagger.

Desperate, that's one word used to describe the state of being for those such as Arc, undeserving souls punished by life. Could the little Arc from the stories told over crackling campfires be the new figure calling herself Desperate? Can wounds remove the past from the soul and replace it with thoughts of spite and revenge?

Name: Desperate
Hero: Erazer/Assassin
Faction: Both
Features: New Voice
Price: 299 gold

Fiery Priestess

The woods of Praia are known to be dangerous, soldiers and Heroes alike disappearing from the Tainted infested location. This location was however considered blessed by the priestess, its Prime drenched nature able to do miracles. Threading through this dangerous environment, a team of heroes were on a patrol mission when they stumbled upon a red-haired child. The child was taken in the arms of the priestess accompanying the group, leaving the other Heroes to ponder over how an infant would survive even a few moments in this treacherous forest.

Taken in by the priestess, the child grew up to become a priestess as well, learning to aid those around and the oaths that a priestess is to uphold, those of martyrdom and so forth. Growing up and becoming an almost unrivaled beauty with abilities unseen in the priestess ranks, the woman was garrisoned within the walls of an outpost. Her reputation grew by the day, mostly because it was unheard for one such as her to wield fire.

On the darkest night, a Tainted attack fell upon the Outpost, an attack like none other. The woman was awakened from her sleep by the assault, the clashing of blades and the orders shouted between the coarse beards of commanding Heroes. Stumbling through the onslaught, she was lost from the sight of her fellow Heroes, one brave swordsman slicing through the Tainted ranks in search for her. Make no mistake, the darkness concealed the attack well, the only visible light being that from the clash of blades. Upon reaching a clearing in the dark woods, the swordsman gazed upon an a sure circle releasing light. Compelled onwards, the man pushed through, his strength sapped as he felt his body freeze upon touch with the circle. Exposed for the attack, a giant Tainted beast prepared to reap into the swordsman's flesh, only to be turned into a chicken and shot away by a floating entity: the redhead.

The camp was silent the next day, the swordsman was questioned, everyone wanted to know what happened to the woman. However, he remained silent, not wishing to speak. The redhead was expelled from the priestess ranks, her new abilities making her unworthy of such a holy title. Was this a step back, or is this newfound strength the opportunity the Fiery Priestess, as she came to being known, has been looking for?

Name: Fiery Priestess
Hero: Mage/Sorcerer
Faction: Both
Features: New Voice
Price: 299 gold