New Flags Landing in Praia

18 April 2014


Praia is now under the bright wings of Spring, the season of change now inspiring everyone to seek ways of becoming more unique.

Today we bring you the first set of additional flags that can be flown instead of your countries' flag for everyone to see.

Are you a dedicated Adornian warrior, or maybe a badass pirate? Ever felt the need to express emotions in a different way or show your affinity towards a color? Now you can, Noble.


Icon Name Price
Adornian 49 gold
Dokht 49 gold
Prime 49 gold
Bat 99 gold
Teutonic Cross 99 gold
Jaws 99 gold
Flaming Sword 99 gold
Pumpkin 99 gold
Pirate 199 gold
Rock On 199 gold
USSR 199 gold
Red and Blue 199 gold
Red and White 199 gold
Blue White Blue 199 gold


You may choose the flag you like from the Castle Settings menu.