Justice will prevail!

18 April 2014

"How did you end up like this? You're supposed to be elusive, or so I recall..." the Duelist asked quietly of his neighbor, a dim shadow in the darkest corner of their damp prison cell.

The Assassin snorted, disappearing in the shadows completely and refusing to answer. The Duelist nodded to himself, agreeing that talking about the woman who chained them might injure their reputation even more.

Meanwhile, rumors spread that a new hero appeared in Praia. It is said that the pretty face donning an innocent smile and a sonorous voice are just a mask, hiding her cold blood, frozen heart and ice cold grip. The Law is her shield and Justice is her weapon. Criminals shudder and hide at the simple mention of her name while law-abiding citizens of Praia praise her, as if she were their only salvation.

This unforgiving beauty breaks the hearts of all her enemies on behalf of Justice, for Justice makes no difference, be them Dokhts or Adornians. Nevertheless, she is loved by the crowds for her cold character. That is why the people got used to calling her Justice.

Name: Justice
Hero: Cryo/Blizzard
Faction: Both
Features: New Voice
Price: 99 Gold