Astro shatters the atmosphere!

11 April 2014

Keeper Oracles say that whenever the sky receives another stroke of white paint, it's a sign of change, Imperium Astrologists beg to differ on that matter, stating that these are only objects passing by in space, but both were wrong on this occasion.

Deep inside the heartland of the Dokht Imperium, factories processed Prime into a much more stable form, the Prime Crystal. Workers inside these factories often fell sick due to Prime poisoning; indeed, it was a miserable workplace. Monotony was on par with such workplaces, this monotony being shattered, along with the atmosphere, by an unidentifiable object crashing from the heavens into the factory. Heroes and specialized units were sent to investigate and keep the area secure, as Prime is extremely dangerous.

Coming out from the rubble, alongside the workers that now appeared healthy, a towering figure donning technology from beyond this age presented himself as "Astro". He however, had no time to speak, pushing the workers aside and taking cover from an explosion that tore apart the very ground, most likely caused by the Prime. Ashes settled down, the man somehow shielded from such a blast.

He began to impart knowledge that was years, centuries ahead, to his peers in the Dokht Imperium. Some say that this is a gift from the heavens, other say that it's just one of the workers in the factory that became a Hero because of a high dosage of Prime, but one thing is sure, he's headed to the battlefield.

What side will he choose, who is he, where did he come from? The choice is yours, Noble, so go ahead and check out the new Astro skin for Warlord/Shogun!

Name: Astro
Hero: Warlord / Shogun
Faction: Both
Features: New voice

Price: 199 Gold