ESL Tournaments are back, now with even more prizes!

09 April 2014

We're pleased to announce that tournaments are coming back to Prime World on Sunday, April 27th. Thanks to some exciting technological advances (special tournament accounts with all talents unlocked and upgraded), we're leveling the playing field so that newer players can go head to head against veterans without worry. On top of that, we're offering huge participating bonuses to everyone that plays. So gather your allies and get ready to enjoy the spoils of war! 


First, check out our awesome, new prizes!

  • Participation (goes to all players that complete all assigned matches):
    • 50 Prime Crystals
    • "Valiant Competitor" Forum Talent 
  • Top Teams:
    • 1st Place:
      • Orange talent set for whole team, set of choice
      • +300 gold each player
      • +1 Skin or Hero unlock of choice
      • "Tournament Champion" Forum Talent
    • 2nd Place:
      • 2 Orange talents each, their choice
      • +200 Gold for each player
      • +1 Skin unlock of choice
      • "Dominant Competitor" Forum Talent
    • 3rd Place:
      • 1 Orange talent, 1 Purple talent, their choice
      • +100 Gold
      • +1 Skin unlock of choice
      • "Dominant Competitor" Forum Talent
  • Community Choice Forum Talent:
    • Viewers will submit player names and vote on who they liked most. The winning player gets a special forum talent, "The Chosen One"

To really spice up the competition, every player will be using special "tournament accounts" that have EVERYTHING unlocked and upgraded, here are the details:

  • Players must use tourney accounts
  • All 5 star talents available
  • All heroes and skins unlocked
  • No resources or hero stat buildings
  • 5000g (to change account names and reassign talents)
  • Before rewards are given, account logs will be checked for any attempts at actions like buildings, completing quests, etc. If actions are found, the team is disqualified. 
  • Players will get access to tournament accounts one hour before the tournament begins in order to set up builds and choose heroes.

Lastly, we gave the rules a slight overhaul to make sure that everything is absolutely clear.

The new tournament rules:

  • Teams must play matches to completion in order to receive prizes
  • Teams must have at least 1 sub registered
  • Each team gets one "restart" per match for technical issues - they must notify staff no later than 3 minutes after a match stats. If a restart is used, players cannot change their heroes or talents.
  • If a team is fifteen minutes late for their match, they will be disqualified
  • Nival has the right to change the rules at any time and disqualify anyone for any reason at any time
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior - using inappropriate language against other players (including curse words, misogynistic, homophobic, racist etc comments) - results in an automatic DQ for the player in the current tournament and the next!
  • Players from the CIS region are still ineligible

So there you have it! ESL Tournaments are back and open to everyone. What are you waiting for, Nobles? Grab your friends, form a team and reach out for riches. Who knows, you might be the new headlining team in Prime World!