Outpost Changes

01 April 2014


Innovations have brought everything from a crawl to a more manageable speed, things such as texting, transportation, the internet in general and more have seen a change in pace. Prime World is evolving as well, so we are adapting to the fast moving, on-the-go universe that we live in.

Ever felt like playing Prime World, but you were short on time? Well so did we, Noble, so we are bringing forth major improvements to Outpost, a mode designed for a quick and fun match. The matches are shorter, but that doesn’t mean the fun can’t be the same! 

The improvements we have made to Outpost will begin to roll out to other modes after we have received enough feedback. We believe that this new Outpost experience will be the pinnacle of competitive gaming modes and will set a new standard in the MOBA genre.

We will be closely monitoring your feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts on this new, innovative, game-changing experience.