Official Release of Prime World is Coming

28 March 2014


Do you feel some neat vibration of Prime? It's not a trick, you do feel the movement of ancient and hidden forces of Praia. And it looks like global changes are at hand! Both Imperium and Keepers will benefit from new blood that will fill armies of immortal heroes fighting on both sides.

Nival is proud to announce that Prime World is going to be officially released in the USA, Germany and France on March 31st. In honor of this event our primeologists declare trippled rates of silver, talents and resources gained from 08:00 (GMT) March, 28 to 08:00 (GMT) April, 2. Also from 08:00 (GMT) April, 2 to 08:00 (GMT) April, 7 chances of getting violet and orange talents are doubled.

We wish you luck on the battlefield! Let's shower this event in prime and glory!