Patch 9.14.1

19 March 2014

With your aid, we're one step closer to a better tomorrow. Remember Nobles, you're the only ones that can make Prime World better! Thank you for providing our Support Team with the much needed logs!
  • Fixed: Several bugs in which after the player selected a battle mode, the wrong mode would launch.
  • Fixed: Several bugs that would not allow a player to enter a match after the pre-match window.
  • Fixed: A bug that displayed an error message in the pre-match window which stated (in Russian) that a player could not type messages in the chat.
  • Fixed: A bug that caused a '#' sign on friends' portraits after a player looked through their list of ignored players.
  • Now, different keyboard layouts in the battle are chosen by default. To change it or to choose other combinations, enter the castle, press Esc and choose "Keyboard" in the Settings menu.
  • Fixed: A bug where the hero Fay / Fairy Queen could become invisible till the end of the battle. This involved Shadow / Whisp using the talent "Shadow Cover" on herself.
  • Fixed: A bug which did not allow the sharing of battle results on some computer configurations.
  • Female characters now have a new breathing sound when they are low on health.