Patch 9.14: Addressing Issues

11 March 2014


As you know, we recently released Patch 9.14, adding some exciting new features to Prime World.

We brought in a new hero Nox / Vryl, a deadly slayer class with a toxic sting whose names were chosen by the community in our last naming contest.

We introduced our custom flag system to better help with player communication as well as for players to take pride in being the best in their region through attached leaderboards.

Lastly, we have begun taking steps towards fostering a competitive scene in Prime World through our increased tournament schedule thanks mostly in part to the ESL and our outstanding community members.

Unfortunately, as with the nature of software and game development, things do not always go as planned. While patch 9.14 was a great achievement, it introduced several pretty outstanding bugs that we would like to address. At this time we do not have any solid estimates for when all of the bugs will be resolved, but we will do our best to keep everyone up to date on the current status of them.

At the end of last week we resolved an issue that did not allow players to log into the Castle due to an “Internal Server Error” which directly caused users to be “Already Logged In.” This issue has been resolved, and if anyone continues to have this problem, we ask that you contact support immediately.

The other bugs that players may be experiencing include:

  • The game launcher giving any of the following errors: Version Mismatch, Unable to Connect, Failed to Update, or any other launcher related errors.
    • Players who are experiencing a “Version Mismatch” should attempt to reinstall the game. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact support.
  • Not entering a match after the pre-match window has closed (and the match has begun). Resulting in the player having to restart their game to enter the match.
  • Disconnects during a match where the player is unable to rejoin with the error message “Username and Password Rejected by the Server.”
  • Extended stalling or crashing of the Castle client after a match has ended.

While these are the most common issues, we understand that other users may be running into other issues that would be better resolved one-on-one with support to determine more local issues.

We ask that you refrain from contacting support with one of the common issues until we have announced that we have resolved the issue. If the issue still occurs after our announcement, please contact support immediately so we can help troubleshoot your particular case.


Every player will get 3 days of Golden Age. Additionally, players affected by bugs that did not allow them to enter the game longer will be refunded for lost Golden Age time once all of the issues have been resolved. We will post more details on this once we have more accurate estimates for resolving all of the issues.

We apologize greatly for any loss in player rating or Castle resources due to these problems, however we will not be able to compensate for them at this time. It is our hope to make up for the time lost in other ways through more events and bonus rates.

Change of Release Date

As some of you may have noticed, we set up a little stamp at the top of the website as well as in a newsletter that we would be releasing Prime World out of Open Beta today, March 11th. However; due to the current circumstances we have decided to push this date back a bit. We want to ensure that all of our players are happy with the games stability and that new players who come to join us in the near future are able to take full advantage of everything Prime World has to offer, to the best of our ability, bug free.

We will announce a new release date when we are confident that our current issues have been resolved.