International Womens Day

07 March 2014

Today is  International Women's Day and in pairing with this beautiful spring season we congratulate you. We wish happiness, health, love, and success every minute of every day of ever year. Our admiration knows no bounds. Mothers and grandmothers, sisters and daughters, wives and girlfriends, we love you all!

Because we celebrate this occasion in Prime World we come with discounts and gifts.

  • The amount of talents earned in PVP has been increased 2x!
  • All skins of Women who were originally Male heroes are 2x cheaper!
  • The cost to hire the heroines Muse/Bard, Fay/Fairy Queen, and Night Queen/Black Panther is 2x less for both Silver and Gold!
  • The Skin Medicant/Medicine Women for the heroine Priestess/Healer is free!
  • This promotion will run from now until 3:00AM EST / 8:00AM (GMT+0) March 13.