This is PRAIA!

06 March 2014

The fury of Hr'Amins has become legendary long ago, so many tales are told about these dark-skinned warriors. Some of them are frightening, others are funny. Here is the one especially beloved by tavern goers all over the Praia.

"Hey frog-face, back off! The tavern is full, there's no place for you, only for friends of mine," A hero who sat on the well's edge spat loudly and defiantly near very Kh’ramin’s feet, who performed duties of guard captain for the local lord.

"You came to my town, showed up in my near and dear tavern and now you're devouring my beer and I'm pretty sure that you're feeling up my beloved waitress!" Eyes on the dark face have started to glow with anger.

“Hey, shut up! Who are you to lecture me? Leg it out of here! It is madness to mess with us!

“You tell me this is madness, but I tell you THIS IS PRAIA!!!”

Roaring and with a swift kick, the captain guard sent the cad to drink from the bottom of the well and then has assaulted the tavern. The battle showed no mercy to heroes and furniture. Bodies flew from windows like spring sparrows. However Khr’Amin had suffered some moderate damage too. Only two people were unharmed - the waitress, who left before things has got serious and the cook who had hidden in the cellar.

Everything had ended well, victims of violence were revived, but this episode will be never forgotten. Nobody knows exactly, who was that Khr’Amin guy. Was it a Dokht guard captain Arhey or Adornian warrior named Dorey? We may never know for sure. Nevertheless, the battle cry ‘THIS IS PRAIA!’ became wide spred among both Da’kas and Ha’Kas.

Name: Arhey / Dorey
Original Hero: Da'ka / Ha'ka
Features: Unique Voice

Cost: 199 Gold