Nox and Vryl Slither In

06 March 2014


Reinforcements have arrived. The mysterious Nox is ready to frighten the Imperium. While the infectious Vryl takes on the Keepers.




Early on, everything was just fine - they have found no traces of the "unknown Touched" or their victims. Acrid Naga started to bugger about "s-s-silly villagers-s-s" who probably had discovered a new sort of a drunkenberry and were celebrating it somewhere on the outskirts. "They will s-s-sober up and come back." Not a joke to write home about, but nevertheless, all other members of the troop were led to believe in a positive outcome of this trip.





And one day the creature actually proved it. Highly restricted amounts of Prime had started to enter the chamber once again. Sample #13 suddenly smashed a wall by pulling the chains out of the plate with uncanny ease, destroyed a prime-lamp and disappeared in the darkness. Only a withered cocoon hiding a tunnel to the Idmar's Forest was left in the chamber. The accident was victimless... for a while. Security officer started to cry the alarm, and Lipri frowned.



Hero Role: Slayer
Required Castle Level: 37.
Cost to Hire: 900,000 Silver / 499 Gold (no restrictions on level)