Patch 9.14

05 March 2014

In this patch players can expect the following:

  • A new hero: Nox /Vryl.

  • Rebalanced Sorcerer/Mage and Witch/Moira.
  • Reduced resource requirements for clan development.

  • Country flags.
  • and a whole lot more.

New hero: Nox

New hero: Vryl

Role: Assassin

Castle level required for hiring : 37

Hiring cost: 900,000 Silver.


This hero has been reworked in light of the many ways to easily interrupt the Sorcerer/Mage’s talents, as well as the low effectiveness of Strength-based development.

  • The Strength acquired per Prime level has been increased.

  • Enchanted Tome:
    • Now if the hero takes damage equal to 15% of his current Health, the talent’s casting time is reduced by 20% for four seconds. The effect stacks up to three times. This new feature aims to ensure higher survivability for the hero in dangerous situations.
    • If the class talent is interrupted, no Energy is consumed and the talent does not have to cool down.
  • Transformation:
    • The extra damage resulting from the Magical Force upgrade has been doubled. As a result, total damage dealt by Transformation with the Magical Force upgrade has increased by about 60%. However, killing an enemy no longer restores Health or Energy to the last hero to hit the enchanted target.

  • Summon a Demon: 

    • Casting time has been reduced from 1 to 0.6 seconds.
    • The Demon's Agility is now equal to that of the Mage/Sorcerer, but its attack speed is now fixed at one attack per second. In order to compensate for the loss of Penetration as a result of lower initial Agility, the Demon's Strength has been increased by approximately 20%.
    • The Health of the summoned Demon has been reduced by 600.
    • The Demon no longer switches between targets once it has chosen one and launched its attack.


Due to the fact that Trail of Horror was too hard to defend against effectively and that its panic effect was too strong, which, when employed strategically, allowed it to fill a significant portion of the battlefield during a large-scale battle, the hero has been modified.

  • Turbomagic:
    • Once the Trail of Horror upgrade has been learned, the hero will become visible when leaving a trail if she is invisible when she casts Turbomagic. However, if the talent fails to create any fog, the hero remains invisible.
    • The hero no longer soars slightly above the field when the talent is used, which means she can move forward instantly after using Turbomagic.
    • The panic effect is now applied only if the hero is within the actual Turbomagic trail, rather than one second after touching it as before. This will enable players to regain control over their heroes more quickly.
    • Once the Trail of Horror upgrade has been learned the hero only leaves a trail for the first 1.5 seconds (rather than the entire duration of the Turbomagic effect), which makes it harder to use the talent offensively.
    • The duration of the talent’s effect has been reduced from 3 to 2.5 seconds, which is enough to cover the distance between the flag and an allied tower on the central road.
    • Now the hero is only immune to control effects when she uses the talent in exchange for the original amount of Energy, i.e. no more than once every 15 seconds.
  • Energy Emission: 

    • The bug that caused the hero's regular attacks to always hit their target with Energy Emission active (even if the hero moved instantly when using her skills) has been fixed.


  • The Steeped in Blood talent has been renamed No Mercy because there was already a common talent with that name.
  • A visual effect has been added to the Curse of the Beast talent, as well as an effect that marks the beginning of intensified regeneration from the use of Lycanthropy on Native Terrain.


  • The volume of the horn effect accompanying the use of the talents Rage of the Hunt and Wild Call has been reduced.

Lightning Master/Storm Thrower

  • The bug that caused the failure of the Rage of the Skies talent to slow down a target located on the Native Terrain of the Lightning Master/Storm Thrower if the Electric Shock upgrade to the Thunderclap talent had not been learned has been fixed.


  • The bug that caused the hero to knock back targets immune to control (such as Vampire/Dahaka after using his Blood Ritual talent with the Final Drop upgrade) when using her Magic Fan talent has been fixed.


  • Decisive Shot:
    • The bug that enabled the hero to use Decisive Shot with the Dual Shot upgrade more than twice in a row if the next use followed the previous one by exactly 10 seconds has been fixed.
    • The bug that caused the Decisive Shot animation not to play when the talent was used during Flurry Strike has been fixed.


  • Ire:
    • Previously, if the Brawler/Meijin managed to land enough successful attacks to activate the Ire effect, which adds extra damage to the hero's next attack, then proceeded to attack an invulnerable target, the Ire effect was used up even though no damage had been dealt. The effect now subsides only once the hero has dealt damage to a target.

Night Queen/Black Panther

  • Previously, the use of the Shadow Cover talent made the hero's beast invisible instantly, whereas Night Queen/Black Panther herself would only become invisible after the correct interval of three seconds. This bug has been fixed in the new version, and the hero and the beast gradually disappear together.
  • The bug that caused a hero mounted on her beast to try to return to the area from which the disc was thrown if the Slashing Throw talent was used before Unity without any further commands being given has been fixed.


  • The bug that caused the visual effect accompanying the use of Noxious Substance to fail if the talent was used repeatedly on an area with a Refresh Glyph and the effect of the previous use was still active has been fixed.


  • The bug that caused the Demon Trap talent’s net to disappear right after being thrown without catching anything has been fixed. This would happen if the enemy was at the very edge of the affected area when the net appeared, but then immediately left it. Now the trap remains where it should for as long as it should in such cases.

Pied Piper/Rat Master

  • The bug that caused the Charming Melody talent to affect targets immune to control (such as Vampire/Dahaka after using his Blood Ritual talent with the Final Drop upgrade) has been fixed.
  • In the updated version the hero can no longer use the Call of the Flute talent on hero clones.


  • The bug that caused the damage reflected by Punishing Blow with the Revenge upgrade to include damage dealt by the enemy one second before becoming affected by the talent has been fixed.


  • Now heroes within the area affected by Concealing Darkness receive a special status that indicates the remaining time until the end of the talent's effect.

  • A new skin is available for Ha-ka/Da-ka: Dorei/Archei.
  • Lightning Master/Thunderer’s Champion skin has been given a new voice.


  • In the updated version we have revised the amount of resources that have to be invested in clan development. Far fewer resources are now required to successfully develop a clan while its membership is still small. In order to increase the number of clans with an open bank, it now takes less time to reach level 20. In order to accomplish this, we have recalculated the amount of resources invested in clans by players starting with the version in which clan banks were introduced. The recalculation only covers this period because all clan development was preserved after the banks were introduced regardless of the increased requirements to makes sure the resources that had been invested were not lost.
  • Now the number of available clan bank operations per day does not decrease when players withdraw the same talents they had invested.
  • In the new version players who find themselves fighting a clan battle will see the emblem of their clan rather than their faction on Native Terrain banners. The visual design of the flags has also been enhanced.
  • Rewards for victories in clan battles have increased dramatically. For example, if previously players would receive 1,000 extra resource units for the victory of a level 17 clan, in the updated version the bonus equals 3,000 units.

Country Flags

The servers have been merged in the updated version, so every player's avatar is now accompanied by the flag of their country. You can change your flag from the main menu: hit “Esc” in the castle, then go to “Account” and open the “Change flag” tab. The flags of different countries are available so that each player can choose the country they represent.

Matchmaking Start Interface

  • Previously, the legend on the "To Battle" button remained the same regardless of whether the matchmaking process was initiated by the player or whether the player was part of a group, even in cases when the player wasn't the leader of the party, which made the interface confusing.
  •  Therefore, in the new version the button says "Hero" and is a different color if the player is part of a group and hasn’t selected their hero yet. The button opens the hero selection interface. Once a hero has been selected the legend on the button changes to "To Battle!"
  • Since the country flag icon has replaced the “X” icon formerly used to leave a group or kick a player, these actions are now performed differently. In order to kick a player from a group, you now have to select the corresponding item in the drop-down menu above the hero's avatar. To leave a group, use the drop-down menu or the button to the left of the selected map icon. Previously, this button could only be used to close a group if there were no other players in it. Now it makes you leave your group.
  • The bug that caused the rating next to a hero's avatar in the matchmaking interface to fail to update immediately upon leaving a battle has been fixed.
  • Now the tooltip that appears when the player mouses over a hero’s portrait in the hero selection window before a battle shows the player's rating as well as their power.

Assigning Hotkeys

  • You can now have several hotkey configurations to choose from in the castle. Two of them are presets, and one is customized by the player. You can select the desired configuration in the “Keys” tab in the castle menu’s “Settings” window.
  • The bug that made it impossible to assign a hotkey to the talent or item located in the tenth slot of the quick-launch bar has been fixed.

Sound Effects in the Castle

  • Now when you change a hero's skin in the castle they say something so the player can get an idea of what the hero's voice is like.
  • A special audio signal has been added to inform the player that they have a personal chat message or that friends have invited them to join a group.

Life Drain in the Castle

  • Life Drain is now marked as a recommended stat in the talent descriptions of certain heroes.
  • When you mouse over the damage from a regular attack in the castle, a window with information on the hero's Life Drain appears.

Talent Manager

  • A number of bugs that caused talents that grant a bonus to the greatest stat to be defined incorrectly in the stat drop-down list have been fixed.
  • Now if you switch between heroes while your library is open the talent list remains where it was rather than scrolling back to the beginning as before.
  • A filter for sorting exclusive (orange) talents by set has been added to the library.
  • The introduction of the filter for sorting exclusive talent has rendered the “Talents for Current Hero” filter unnecessary, so it has been removed.


  • The bug that used to remove some text if a message contained a colon has been fixed.
  • The color of private messages in the player's castle has been changed.
  • Now you can send private messages to a player who is engaged in battle. They will be delivered to the castle, and the player will be able to read them after the battle.


  • Now a player is considered to have left a battle if they refuse to return to the battle in the castle after reading the corresponding message (rather than if they click the “Exit” button in the client). If a player decides to re-launch the client for whatever reason, they will therefore no longer have to end the process from their operating system's task manager.
  • The bug that caused heroes of levels 21 and higher to receive less castle experience than they were supposed to has been fixed.
  • The bug that caused the effect of the Soul Temple talent on heroes' Stamina and Will to be calculated incorrectly in the Tavern/Teahouse has been fixed.
  • The bug that sometimes caused players to be temporarily fined for refusing to play when they clicked "Cancel" during matchmaking right before the appearance of the pre-match window has been fixed.
  • A special white rune has been introduced. It gives no bonus to gold, but allows the player to unassign any talent. These runes will be given to players with a lot of class talents that depend on certain stats.
  • Due to the re-balancing of the Mage/Sorcerer and the Witch/Moira, all players will be issued a White Rune, which will allow them to perform a certain number of transactions of any kind, including unassigning talents or making payments.

Talent Masters Set

  • Moment of Intellect
    • increases Intellect by 4.5 rather than 4.4 as before
  • Moment of Strength
    • increases Strength by 4.5 rather than 4.4 as before
  • Chance's Edge:
    • the bug that caused the Chance's Edge talent to activate and the player to be resurrected with the Secret of Immortality set when taking fatal damage has been fixed. Now only the Secret of Immortality set is used in such cases.
    • The bug that caused the Chance's Edge talent to activate when a hero was attacked while invulnerable (for example, Mountain Man/Rumbler with the Boulder talent active) has been fixed.
  • Bond of Origin Set:
    • The bug that caused using Bond of Origin with the Purification Bond talent to remove the invisibility effect from the Magic Lantern and disable the heroes' permanent bonuses (such as the increase in Intellect from Shadow/Whisp’s Invisible Aid) has been fixed.
  • The bug that the caused the recommended stats in the description of the Suppressing Bonds, Perfidious Retribution, and Moment of Spirit talents to be display incorrectly has been fixed.

Other Talents

  • Now the description of talents whose effect on stats changes over time reflects the current bonus and not the initial one as before. For example, the Hidden Power talent increases Strength by 5 once it is learned, so the bonus will be represented as 5 + 1 once an enemy hero has been defeated.
  • Hunter's Instinct:
    • Previously this talent made killing the Fire Drake in the Borderlands too easy and too quick, whereas the main purpose of the talent is to make the Challenges easier. Therefore, in the new version the player has to destroy the Touched in order to make the talent cause maximum damage.
    • The hero's attack deals 70 extra damage. The extra damage is increased by 14 for each monster killed, but cannot exceed a total value of 350. In order to make the talent cause as much damage as before, you now need to kill 20 monsters after learning the talent.
  • Reflection of Essence Set:
    • Previously, whenever Night Queen/Black Panther went through the Reflection of Essence barrier, the hero's beast's clone would have as much Health as her and, unlike the other copies, would not take increased damage. This bug has been fixed in the updated version. The clones now have the correct amount of Health and take triple damage like any other copy.
  • Light Step:
    • The bug that caused the hero's Health not to be restored by the talent if the hero was invisible and passing by neutral Touched when activating it has been fixed.
  • Will and Stamina had been re-balanced in the previous versions, which made it more advantageous to increase just one of these stats as one's specialty. However, these changes were not accounted for in a number of talents that affect either both stats at once or the one with the lesser value. The updated version therefore has higher Stamina and Will values for the following talents: Innate Protection, Soul Temple, Total Protection, Self-Assurance, Defensive Reaction, Secret Passion, and Steel Heart.
  • A number of minor errors and inaccuracies in the descriptions of certain talents have been fixed.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • The interaction between healing effects and invisibility has been made uniform. Now if a talent can restore Health to the hero's allies as well, its use will result in the loss of invisibility. If the talent can only heal the hero and no one else, its use will not interfere with invisibility. Ha-ka/Da-ka's Healing Light now dispels a hero's invisibility, whereas Wanderer's Second Wind does not.
  • The standard attack radius for most heroes with melee attacks has been slightly increased. In particular, the attack radius of Brawler/Meijin has been expanded to the standard size and now equals that of all other heroes with melee attacks.
  • The area affected by the Starfall Scroll has been reduced. You used to be able to use it to destroy monsters from two adjacent areas in the Borderlands.
  • In earlier versions, a tower would sometimes switch to a new target without finishing off the previous enemy if the new target attacked an allied hero. This made it harder to land the final blow, which is why the issue has been addressed in the new version. Towers no longer switch to a new target until they have finished off the current one. This modification does not affect enemy heroes. Everything remains unchanged in this scenario — should one of them attack an ally, a tower will instantly turn on the aggressor.

The logic behind hero movement and automatic target selection has been updated.

The way heroes follow the player's commands has been updated. The main modifications affect heroes’ behavior after stopping and when auto-targeting.

  • In the updated version, a hero will stay put once stopped unless the player follows up with a move or attack command or an ability that requires movement. Previously, heroes would turn on every foe that attacked them or entered their attack range, and the player would have to make them go back. Now a stationary hero will only attack targets that enter their attack range.
  • After a hero stops or destroys their current target, they wait for about 0.4 sec. before switching to a new target within their attack range. This will allow players to more easily control which targets their heroes attack next; players who prefer auto-targeting will hardly notice the difference.


  • The bug that made certain glyph effects impossible to dispel has been fixed. In the new version any positive effect can be dispelled by using a corresponding talent.
  • The bug that caused the Rush glyph to affect the current Agility value instead of the base, resulting in the stacking of two glyph effects, has been fixed. The effect was also affected by temporary bonuses from hero talents (for example, the Hunter/Archer's Rage of the Hunt ability with the Hunter Agility upgrade), which is no longer the case.

Taunt Effects

  • Previously, the target affected by Taunt would simply freeze if the hero who had activated it left the visible area (i.e. become invisible or was concealed by the Fog of War). In the updated version, a hero affected by Taunt will continue toward the place they last saw the vanished taunter.
  • The bug that caused the Taunt effect to be removed and the affected character to stop attacking the taunter if they became invisible has been fixed.
  • The bug that made Taunt ineffective against stunned targets has been fixed.


  • After the new symmetrical map was introduced, invisible heroes could no longer pass by the upper Dokht and the lower Adornian tower near the river on their way back from the forest. This made it harder to help kill liners and made invisibility less effective. This has been fixed in the updated version. Invisible heroes can now launch sudden attacks from the forest in those areas.
  • The bug that made the Dokht Destroyer attack the flag before the Adornian soldiers on the upper road has been fixed.
  • The bug that caused the mini-map to keep showing an area with the Touched in the forest if the Pied Piper/Rat Master subdued the last monster with Call of the Flute instead of killing it has been fixed.
  • The bug that caused Rumbler /Quarrier to get stuck in the Fire Drake's lair after teleporting to a place behind the monster's back has been fixed.
  • Previously, some heroes could effortlessly kite the “gold" Touched from the Upper Dokht and Lower Adornian forests to the river. This has been fixed in the updated version. Now if a player tries to lure or drag the monsters toward themselves they will return to their spawn point.
  • Many Central River objects have been added to make it easier to tell whether or not a given hero is on their Native Terrain.
  • The tree next to the Scroll Workshop from the Adornian side used to hang over the mini-game area and would get in the players' way. It has been moved in the new version and won’t bother anyone anymore.
  • Numerous bugs involving players getting stuck in different map areas after teleportation have been fixed.


  • The increase to the cat's Health has been reduced by about 27%. The initial value of this stat has also been lowered somewhat.
  • Like the Fire Drake, Kiton receives its level at birth; it does not change over time. A cat killed a long time after birth will therefore seem weak. However, after death and resurrection its power will grow just as it should. The purpose of this modification is to provide players with an incentive to kill the monster often to get an advantage in battle.
  • The monster no longer gets Agility and Cunning increases, and the speed of its basic attacks is now a fixed value: the cat attacks once per second.
  • Previously, very few heroes could effectively defeat a high-level Kiton. Moreover, team efforts to defeat the beast reaped no reward due to the effect of Catcall on the entire team. Moreover, the Catcall ability could affect and kill a hero who was just passing by and was not attacking the monster.
  • Catcall:
    • The voice over for the ability has been changed.
    • The effect of Catcall no longer stacks. The target only takes damage once.
    • The ability no longer damages all surrounding enemies. The cat targets a single hero if they are attacking from range and cannot be reached with a regular attack.
  • Cat's Paw:

    • The effect now stacks up to five times (rather than six as before).

  • The bug that made the area affected by the Golden Chain ability seem smaller than it really was has been fixed.
  • Defeating the Kiton is now a special achievement rewarded with the title of Scourge of Cats. The player receives two points for it. However, the maximum total number of points that a player can earn for destroying this monster is six.


  • The bug that made the hero appear to slip into rat holes has been fixed.
  • Known bugs involving players getting stuck in different areas after teleportation have been fixed.


  • The bug that occasionally caused bots on the lower road (Dokht side) to get stuck between the second and third towers next to the forest has been fixed.
  • Pathfinding has been improved in the updated version, which will reduce problems associated with bot movement.

Final Statistics Window

  • In the updated version, you can always get back to the list of received talents in the final statistics window. All you need to do is click the “Rewards” button, which has replaced the “Details” button. For detailed statistics, just left-click the portrait of the hero that interests you to view the information you want.
  • It is much easier to share your Prime World achievements now — all you need to do is click "Share" in the final statistics window, and the results of the battle will be sent to the Prime World site. Once you get to the site, you can choose any social network to share the desired achievement with.
  • The bug that caused the final statistics window to duplicate the description of some talents from the Talent Masters set has been fixed.

Game Client

  • The bug that occasionally caused the game client to crash due to ricochet from the use of the Punisher's Path talent with the Shatter Punishment upgrade has been fixed.
  • The bug that made it possible for the cursor to leave the game window when playing in windowed mode has been fixed.
  • The updated version saves the position of the in-game camera, and every new battle begins with the camera in the position chosen by the player.


  • Now if a player with less than ten victories leaves a battle, their hero is taken over by the AI. When the player returns, they instantly regain control of their hero.
  • Apocalypse mode now also takes place on a symmetrical map that has been redesigned to fit its gloomy style better.
  • The recommended stat in the descriptions of talents that grant a bonus to the hero’s highest stat is now only checked when it is the same stat that will be improved when the corresponding talent is learned. Its position remains the same. Should the stat ratio reverse in battle, the position of the check mark will instantly clarify what exactly was increased after learning the talent. For instance, if Intellect is recommended for a given hero, and if the talent was learned when Intellect was their highest stat, but Strength then became higher than Intellect during the course of a battle, the check mark in the description of this talent will remain where it was. However, it will not be present in similar talents purchased later on, since the bonus will now affect the hero's Strength.
  • The bug that made it possible to use the Wicked Tree to catch a neutral monster a long way from its spawn point, which would result in the Touched making no attempt to escape the trap while the monster's health kept regenerating (making it impossible to kill), has been fixed. Therefore, a monster that returns to its spawn point becomes immune to control in the updated version.
  • The bug that made scrolls from the quick-launch panel disappear when the player returned to battle a second time has been fixed.
  • The Ritual Dagger item icon has been modified to make it look less like the Curse of Blood talent.
  • The colors of the buttons used to file complaints from battle have been changed in the same way as those in the castle.
  • Other Minor Improvements

  • The bug that would occasionally reverse the way the Dragon was facing when a player joined the battle more than once has been fixed.
  • The bug that caused talents that deal damage along their path (such as the Archer/Hunter’s Enchanted Arrow) not to harm the dragon when hitting it in the back has been fixed.
  • The bug that counted all players who left a battle as having rejoined it later when distributing quests, thereby enabling certain unscrupulous players to simply join a battle and wait for it to end, has been fixed.
  • Fat Boys’ speed has been reduced by 1 in the new version; however, they have become immune to control.
  • The bug that enabled the Harpooner to draw an enemy hero toward him even after the hero teleported away if the harpoon was thrown before the hero teleported has been fixed.
  • The bug that caused the Prime Explosion button to fail if an ally was killing a monster at the same time has been fixed.
  • Should one of the heroes break the egg during the Sitting Hens quest, all the monsters that guard it will disappear. New guards will spawn to protect the new egg.

  • The new version informs the player that the client is ready for launch after all updates have been installed by playing a special sound.

We are aware of a current issue that has the names swapped for Nox and Vyrl. Nox is the Keepers version while Vyrl is the Imperium version.