Tournament Recap: ESL Go4 Prime World Week 1

04 March 2014

Sunday marked the kick off our first ESL Tournament in the Go4PrimeWorld series. Want to play in the tournament next Sunday? Sign up here! We'll be holding cash prize tournaments every Sunday from now through May - Watch live on Twitch starting at 1pm EST/GMT-5 every Sunday.

Congrats to Elevated Flavor for winning our first tournament!

To celebrate, we're posting this video montage about the tournament made by an anonymous fan. Enjoy. [Warning: Flashing lights and dubstep music may cause seizures for everyone everywhere.]

The finals were a best of 3 face off between Hugs & Kisses (XOXO) and Elevated Flavors (FHS/AE). Both teams were neck in neck after the first two final matches at 1-1. The final match, which can be seen below, shows how Elevated Flavors pulled off the big win with some fancy plays and pro teamwork. Below is the brackets as well as a highlight of the final match. We apologize for the missing ending as Elevated Flavors came back in for a final push to victory.

Tournament casting by: WuHu & Centel

Check out some of the Hero builds from the Tournament