Monstrous News

20 February 2014


Further research upon this newly discovered creature has revealed a lot of information about how they function and the abilities they possess. Contrary to popular belief and initial research, these creatures are not simple Tainted, but sentient beings, able to understand human speech and reason. Although communication does not seem possible at first glance due to them not being able to speak, hopes are high that soon enough a breakthrough will come and shed some more light upon these creatures.

Explosive Mutagen

Nox and Vryl are quite toxic. Whenever the Hero deals damage with a class talent on an enemy, the toxin will explode upon the enemy, damaging every enemy around the target. If the Hero is on Native Terrain, it shall regenerate a certain amount of health. This passive ability makes this Hero useful in team battles while increasing survivability. 


If the earth cracks underneath your feet, you're out of luck. The hero digs a tunnel down and moves to a specific location. An opponent standing in place of its appearance from the ground is tossed into the air and takes damage. After learning "Cocoon", the talent is improved, allowing you to create a cocoon in which the hero returns to after the attack and thus avoiding retaliation. If you try and attack Nox and Vryl in the cocoon you are in for a surprise: the return of the host to the cocoon causes an explosion.

Defensive Slabs

Collecting a certain amount of Prime during a battle, Vryl's and Nox' bodies gain the ability to quickly build up extra defensive slabs. If the Hero wasn't recently damaged, he builds up extra defense that absorbs a certain amount of damage. When the shield is broken, the armor becomes lighter and in term the Hero gains increased movement Speed. When Forged Presence talent is learned, slabs gain another capacity: the ability to slow down enemies while it's active.

Aggressive Assault

Vryl/Nox have the ability to attack at incredible speeds, as discovered by Dokht scientists. Whenever the talent is activated the next auto-attack will hit twice, life steal will have an increased effect on these hits. When the Suppressing Rush talent is learned, the Vryl/Nox' attack will lower the enemies Will on every successful auto-attack.

Toxic Emission

The Hero gains the ability to move to a target and inflict a large amount of damage upon the enemy with a poisonous sting, spending toxicity charges. Although Vryl/Nox can use this ability quite often, it will not be very effective without toxic charges, the Hero gaining a toxic charge every 0.5 minutes, stacking up to 3 charges. When the Toxin Replenishment talent is learned, the Hero's deadliness increases. Now the blow stuns for half a second, and if a successful kill or assist is achieved a toxic charge is gained, however, not more than once every thirty seconds.

In conclusion, Nox and Vryl are dangerous creatures that possess the ability to deliver deadly blows and damage adjacent enemies as well, all while bolstering its defense and preparing it's next sting. Deadly and unpredictable, this new entity is expected to be the fabric of nightmares, even after being studied more.
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