Name the Monster Winners!

19 February 2014


The new monster found within the depths of Prime's mysterious origins has found a name, a name given by you Nobles! Researchers and scholars alike documented hundreds of names before agreeing on how to call this new creature. Eye witnesses of this new entity decided to call it names based on its appearance, storytellers granted this creature other names, the list would go on forever! So a Dokht committee of renown scientists decided upon the name Vryl, a name suggested by the noble Savatage. Word went down with the wind and landed at the ears of Adornian scholars, scholars that appealed to the artists of the landed, a resounding name rising up. They decided to name it Nox, a name suggested by the noble Jessica.

These two nobles, along with the ones the ones that shall be named now, will receive the new hero upon release. The Imperium committee decided to reward the Noble Asmodeus84 for the name Cryoth and the Noble Wusch for the name Charrax while the Adornian scholars fell upon the decision to also commend the Nobles I Love God and Lilach for the name Tsul and Melindor for the name Chimera.