Contest - Name The Monster

04 February 2014

Countless mysteries are hidden in the Primezone. Lost artifacts of the Old Empire, Lafort ruins, filled with palaces and libraries, have kept ancient knowledge locked away for ages. This land is brimming with dangerous and wild creatures, born of Prime and ready for battle. Soon the Primezone is going to present us with new creatures of unsurpassed brutality. The question is: Is the world ready for them? Will children be able to sleep after seeing one of these monsters?

Monsters never bear natural names, so frightened townspeople are forced to create them. They need something to whisper in their dreams while seeing monsters in their nightmares.

The Contest Begins!

Players, can you help us name this new monster?! Come up with two names (for Keepers and Imperium) and post them here. Winners will be chosen on Feb 10th. We will select 6 best (3 for Keepers and 3 for Imperium names) and will award their authors with this new hero upon its release. Our favorite name will become the monster’s official, in-game name!


Want some details on how the development process is going? We spoke with our team and have some cool insights to share.

Larisa Nuretdinova, Creative Producer:

We planned to make non-human hero long ago. We already had one ‘unhuman’ hero - Dragonfly, and a bunch of half-human heroes, like Naga and Centaur, but they are just too cute! We always wanted to create something really scary and dreadful. There were some doubts about this, because we mostly have beautiful ladies and manly men. Nevertheless we decided to give it a try. When we first saw the concept, we fell in love with the character and decided to make it happen!

Alexander Bazhan, Lead Game Designer:

Our design team has wanted to create a non-humanoid hero for a very long time. We have no doubts that Prime World needs a variety of different characters, and this helps us maintain diversity. The art concept was really outstanding and we instantly came up with a bunch of interesting ideas for its design. However, we wanted to create something really different, not just visually, but also in terms of gameplay. As a result, we decided to make it a rare Assassin class and also give him abilities to ‘jungle.’ It is one of the most interesting and challenging mixes of abilities, which is mostly suitable for ganks and rushes. We hope you enjoy it!


* Nival reserves the right to name the heroes as they see fit if no suitable name is found from the community.