Winter Revolution Phase 1: Talent Disco

27 January 2014

Winter Revolution: Phase 1 - Talent Disco begins today! In short, we’ve re-enabled Orange Talents, enabled 5 Star Talent Upgrades, enabled some other special talents, and activated 3x talent drops. This marks our first exciting step along the way of delivering the ultimate Prime World experience, complete with fixed Match Making. ARE YOU READY?!
To start, we have re-enabled Orange Talents, the most exclusive, high powered Talents available in Prime World. Players may get these epic talents in the Talent Forge/Talent Garden, as well as in battle, provided their hero is 21 or above and has a rating of at least 1400. These talents shall turn the tide of battle and allow players to overcome challenges that once seemed impossible, spreading the wings of a Hero’s potential, bringing new possibilities and tactics!
Second, the 5 star talent upgrades shall also be enabled, increasing the maximum talent level from 3 to 5 stars! Heroes will now be able to achieve an Orange Name after reaching 1800+ power. There’s an extra dimension to upgrading talents, the latter levels requiring quite a few talents to fill up, so keep in mind that using the same talent will instantly upgrade it and grant it another star!
Rejoice, Nobles, “Ice Resistance”, the festive talent that was delayed due to technical issues, shall be dropping in your talent pool, bringing along its well known mate “Force of Mind” as a rare drop for a couple of weeks, a talent that would normally be available for only one day!
"Ice Resistance" each enemy attacking the hero receives 15 magic damage, and for 2 seconds loses 20% speed. When used on an enemy hero, the talent is restored in 1 second.
"Force Of Mind" the hero receives 4.2 Strength or 4.2 Intellect, depending on which of the hero's two stats are higher.
Lastly, talent drops shall be tripled for the time being, including a 3x boost to the rarity of the talents crafted inside your castle! Well, what are you waiting for? GO GET THOSE TALENTS.
Did you miss the original Winter Revolution post and want to find out about all the cool stuff (and gold giveaways) we’re doing? Have no fear! Head over to our Winter Revolution post for all the details. Next up will be our $38,000,000 gold giveaway, patch, and server merge in early February. PREPARE FOR BATTLE.
Good luck Nobles!