The Winter Revolution

17 January 2014

Nobles, steel yourselves for the end of Open Beta: The Winter Revolution approaches! To prepare Prime World's heroes, we will be splitting over $38,000,000 worth of gold among all nobles - that's 3000g ($100) per player! Epic glory awaits...

War has been raging for aeons in an alternate Prime World universe - heroes have been tested, battles have been waged, and might has been earned, all in a place hidden from your eyes. THAT WILL ALL CHANGE. Soon, our universes will collide. Our side must band together - we will show the other universe what it means to be a true Prime World champion! We will serve them defeat on a silver platter AND WE WILL MAKE THEM ASK US FOR MORE!

NOBLES: Are. You. Ready?!

Winter Revolution road map:

  • Phase 1: “Talent Disco” - January 27th

    • Step 1: 3x Talent drops

      • 3x Rarity increase when crafting talents in the Castle as well!

    • Step 2: Enable Orange Talents

    • Step 3: Enable 5 star upgrades

    • Step 4: Give everyone the Ice Resistance Talent and enable Force of Mind talent drops for a limited time

  • Phase 2: “Red Storm” - Early February - Servers merge to fix matchmaking, US/EU players get patch 9.13 (new talent, skins, map, and clan bank)

  • Phase 3: “The Future Begins” - Mid February PW exits beta and launches globally!

Phase 1 - Talent Disco - Details:

On January 27th we begin Phase 1: “Talent Disco.” This will be the start of our synchronization with the rest of the Prime World player base.

First, we will be re-enabling Orange Talents which can be obtained through both combat and the Castle. In order to obtain an Orange talent your Talent Forge/Talent Gardens must be at least level 21, while in combat your hero must be at least level 21 and have a rating of at least 1400.

Second, we will be re-enabling 5 star upgrades. Currently you are only able to upgrade a talent to 3 stars. Players will be able to obtain Orange colored names once they reach 1800+ power on their Heroes. Pro Tip: using the same talent to upgrade a talent will instantly level it up!

Next, everyone will be receiving the talent Ice Resistance as it was missing from our holiday festivities. We deeply apologize for the missing quest and Christmas theme in game, but it was critical that we took that time to get where we are today. Force of Mind, and also highly sought after talent will be available as a rare drop leading up to the merge. Normally it is only available for one day but we will have it for a few weeks.

"Ice Resistance" each enemy attacking the hero receives 15 magic damage, and for 2 seconds loses 20% speed. When used on an enemy hero, the talent is restored in 1 second.
"Force Of Mind" the hero receives 4.2 Strength or 4.2 Intellect, depending on which of the hero's two stats are higher.

Phase 2 - Red Storm - Details:

In early February, players will experience improved matchmaking thanks to our merge of the Russian and English servers! At this time, we will reward all players with 3000 gold, enable powerful new ways for players to spend that gold, and gift our US/EU players an exclusive skin. More details to come.

How will the merge affect players? Simply put, if your English speaking group cannot find a match quickly, we will match you against a comparable Russian group. By default, English speaking players will only have English speaking teammates, so communication will not be a problem. Overall, the experience will feel the same except you will suddenly have drastically reduced queue times and many more comparably skilled opponents!

Additionally, this merge will allow us to give US/EU players all the awesome content Russian players previously had. What does this mean? Patch 9.13 will have a TON of new features, including:

  • New Talents

  • New Skins

  • A New Map

  • Clan banks

We'll have more info about this patch soon!

Phase 3 - The Future Begins - Details:

Once Phase 1 and 2 are complete and tested, Prime World will be ready for public consumption! Our launch date is currently estimated to be mid March - we will keep you updated. These massive, positive changes will deliver the finalized Prime World experience for players. Get ready for the Prime World you’ve been waiting for!

Thank You!

Lastly, we would like to thank you, the players, for sticking with us through thick and thin. We’ve done our best to make changes to this game that reflect what you want in Prime World and all of your feedback has had a major impact on the development of this game. We're thrilled to begin this new era of Prime World alongside you!

If you have any questions regarding what is soon to come, feel free to post in this thread and we will do our best to answer as quickly as possible.