Community Members of the Week: December 2013

08 January 2014

This month we took a look at some of the more famous players in the community of Prime World, be them a prolific streamer or the leader of a renown clan. Read on to learn more about them and click their name to read their full interview:
Rockst4r:  Rockst4r appeared into Prime World by streaming, this serving as an introduction into the community for him. From here, Rockst4r went to stream Prime World almost every day, documenting his travels through Praia and even shoutcasting on tournaments. Forming a clan to help others as well as unite them under a common flag, after which having this clan transferred over to the Imperium, he's a proven leader as well. We are all amazed at how much dedication he showed to  Prime World and owe him our respect.
Photon:  Photon began his journey into Prime World as a Keeper, forming the clan [Hail] in an attempt to unite players under a common goal, accomplishing this and forming a well know clan, respected by both sides. When the need to revealed its face, he switched to the Imperium side in an attempt to help even the playing field, a commendable feat, considering that he convinced several of his friends to switch over and form a clan now known as [404]. A born leader and a funny guy, Photon can new be seen in the battlefield along his newfound comrades.
Robert The brave leader of the extremely well known [VtW] is Robert, a player revered by many and feared by more, if only for the fact that he is the leader of the highest ranking clan at this moment. We found out some interesting information about this more than interesting individual. Let's all congratulate Robert and hope that he'll continue to serve as a beacon of leadership.
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