Patch 9.12.5 Has Arrived!

12 December 2013

What awaits players in this update:

  • New Report System
  • New Hero
  • Rebalanced Archeress / Amazon and Blade Master / Sesha
  • New skins and many other things

First things first, some news about matchmaking.


"We've found the solution to matchmaking for our US/EU players but unfortunately it is not yet ready to go live. The matchmaking situation on the RU realm is much different to that of the US/EU, so the same changes you see in the 9.12 RU patch were not appropriate here. Within the coming weeks we will be implementing this change and will post more details about it asap."

Ivan Spijarskiy (Head of Operations)

Previously, in order to report on another player you had to send a request to the technical support team and that was quite inconvenient: one had to make proof screenshots, quit the game and collect battle logs. That is why we added a build-in report system that allows reporting other players’ misbehavior right in the game in several clicks. The interface of the system will be available both in the castle and in the battle.

To send a report from the castle, click the right mouse button on the player’s name or on the icon in the pre-match window, then choose "Report". If you want to open the same menu during the battle, click either on the hero's image on the top of the screen or at the window with the final battle statistics. You will see a special window, where you can choose the reason for reporting, add a comment if you wish, and click "Send.” Your message will be sent direct to the support team. Please, take into account that a player can send not more than three reports a day.

  • In this new version the pre-match window appears when there is at least one hero with rating higher than 1300. Also, there are some changes to the pre-match window rules for Borderlands:

    • There is a special indicator for players in a group: their portraits are connected in the pre-match window and in a battle.

    • Now the timer in a pre-match window shows the correct time after the castle window minimization.

    • A pre-match window is no longer shown for the players gathered for Challenges.

Night Queen/Black Panther

Lightning Master/Storm Thrower

Lightning Master/Storm Thrower




Mana Wyrm / Dragonfly

Hero's Rating Recalculation

In order to decrease the number of battles among experienced players and those, who has just started to play, we have work on the mechanism of all heroes’ rating recalculation. Previously, while hiring a new hero, the maximum player's rating was important as it determined the starting rating of your newly hired hero.

Now, every time a hero reaches a rank that has not been previously reached, an automatic rating renewal will take place. Heroes that were hired earlier will gain rating to create a more common level. The Maximum rating a hero can reach through automatic recalculations is 1400 or Corporal Rank.

Talent's library

  • New filters were added: Life Drain and Active Talents.

  • The button "Clear" in the talent upgrade interface now removes all talents, including epic (violet color) and exclusive (orange color). The amount of talents in the library is now also displayed in the library.


  • Fixed: A bug where one could enter not only numbers but other symbols in an input box of some production buildings.

  • Fixed: A bug with an incorrect animation of a Dokht Bastion shield’s rotation is fixed now.

  • By clicking the button "Fill" in the Talent Forge/Talent Garden, you now add as many Prime Crystals as it was used during a previous production session.

Castle Interface

  • Fixed: The hero’s information window now properly shows the bonuses from talents that increase “one or the other stat, whichever is greater.”

  • If a hero has a high rating and low Power, a message box with this information is displayed when starting a battle search.

  • Fixed: Friend’s level in the castle now displays properly.

  • Fixed: Player was still in a clan after changing factions.

  • Fixed: Right after winning a battle the First Victory Today icon did not disappear.

  • Now a pattern of three buttons for an operation cannot be set in the keybindings (for exmaple, Ctrl+Alt+KEY).


  • Now you can't drag more than one hero in an Inn/Spa when there's already one there.

  • The maximum castle level is now 36.

  • Common (Yellow) and Special (Green) talents have had their Power increase and effects recalculated and strengthened.

  • Going from a Yellow→Green named hero now requires 1250 power, not 1200.

Due to rebalance of protective stats, some of the talents with Stamina and Will were changed.

"Perfect Protection" talent gives +22 to hero's Stamina and Will, depending on which is higher, and no longer depends on total Strength and Intellect of an opponent team.
"Quick Defense" talent gives +10 to hero's Stamina and Will, depending on which stat is higher, and no longer depends on total Strength and Intellect of an opponent team.
"Combat Protection" talent gives +10 to hero's Stamina and Will, depending on which stat is higher, and no longer depends on total Strength and Intellect of an opponent team.

Other talents

  • Fixed: "Soul Temple" talent sometimes increased both criteria has been fixed.

  • "Hero's Charm" talent no longer gives defense to heroes with low Health if other heroes of opposite sex are nearby. This is a regular talent now which adds 85 Health points to a hero after activation. There is no more gender displaying in the game.

  • Fixed: A stunned hero could not use the “Experienced Ranger” talent when the “Mysterious Light” talent is picked.

A new hero has entered the battlefield!

Da'ka / Ha'ka

Role: Protector

Castle level required for hiring : 36

Hiring cost: 850,000 Silver.

Hero characteristic: Some of the talents are unique for each faction.

Amazon / Archer

Previously, Archer/Amazon was pretty effective in a battle, but the hero’s development was not being based around its abilities as their value was low. The hero has been fixed to improve the focus on these stats and to slightly lower the general strength of the hero. Adding Agility to Archer/Amazon is still very effective and Archer/Amazon remains one of the best fighters.

  • The physical and magic level improvement is now slightly weakened per level.

  • "Flurry Strike" Talent

    • Used from Native Terrain now gives 150% damage.

  • "Redeploy" Talent

    • No longer is Cunning raised right after the talent use, but Agility after Positional Advantage. Bonus effect depends both on Strength and Intellect.

  • “New Position” Talent

    • “Advantage Position” trait improves Agility instead of Cunning. The bonus effect depends on both Strength and Intellect.

    • Damage amount absorbed by a shield after picking the “Active Protection” trait now also depends on Archer/Amazon both Strength and Intellect, and not only Strength, as it used to be.

  • "Perfect Mark" Talent

    • Maximum bonus to damage is decreased and now depends on Strength and Intellect.

  • "Decisive Shot" Talent

    • Always hits, even if the target hides over war fog or escapes.

    • After using talent's upgrade "Dual Shot", it can be activated in 10 seconds for the second time.

Blade Master / Sesha

As Blade Master/Sesha endurance depends directly on possibility of damaging the opponents, the hero was heavily related to control and blinding effects of an opponent. For that reason many major talents were fixed to make an efficient forest hunter out of the Blade Master / Sesha hero and improve his battle efficiency.

  • "Thousand Blades" Talent

    • The talent activates when Blade Master/Sesha attacks opponents, and damages all surrounding opponents. It is now the main class talent, opponents cannot dodge it anymore.

    • As the “Thousand Blades” talent is now a major talent, there are no improvements for it; the bug, when the displayed area of the talent was smaller than the real one, has been fixed.

  • "Snake's Speed" Talent

    • 20% chance to dodge attacks is replaced on the second talent level and is no longer a main class talent. Now it has a fourth level upgrade "Battle Trance", when control effects reduced on 35% for 2 seconds.

  • "Hypnotic Taunt" Talent

    • Doesn't increase dodge chance after use. There is an upgrade "Mass Hypnosis" that increases dodge chance for 20%, and helps to destroy enemies on the early stages of the battle. As a result, the same effectiveness of the talent can be reached approximately on the 9th level, as it used to be, but the full control appears much earlier, thus allowing the hero to effectively help to destroy opponents at the early stages.

  • "Insidious Poison" Talent

    • The effect of Cunning reduction is doubled, the damage is 25% more. The upgrade "Paralyzing Blows" allows to slow down a target after 4 poisonings, and not 5, as it used to be, but by increasing poisoning effect the damage is the same and reached earlier. This improvement now allows to slow a target down after 4 poisonings.

  • "Enchanted Blades" Talent

    • Life steal is higher from Native Terrain now, depending on Will.

  • "Deadly Dash" talent no longer increases Strength from Native Terrain.

  • And also many tiny changes on talents description.

Jaeger / Wolf Dancer

  • Wolf survivability has been retweaked to no longer be as strong in the late game.

Faceless / Phantom

  • Fixed: The main talent "Deathblow" didn't affect heroes that have learned talents that saved  their owners from death.

Eraser / Assassin

  • Fixed: When enemies were not damaged after "Insidious Throw", if they were thrown up while targeted.

  • After use of "The Mark" a hero doesn't stop his movements.

Witch / Moira

  • Fixed: Wolves from Jaeger / Wolf Dancer were not affected by "Trail of Horror" from the "Turbomagic" talent with an upgrade.

  • “Fragility Curse” talent:

    • Fixed:  The talent could be used on Maiden/Nymph during “Rainbow Flight”; the visual effect on a talent target is improved.


  • "Power of Alchemy" Talent:

  • In this version Doctrine can't use it when clone is far away from her, the lifetime of a clone is now displayed correctly. Also, a clone’s Speed is correct now as well.

Healer / Priestess

  • Fixed: It was impossible to apply moving effect from "Nocturnal Hunter", when she was under "Triumph of Life" effect.

Woodsman / Witch Doctor

  • Fixed: “Wicked Tree” talent restored instantly after “Animate Skin” activated even if the hero did not have the “Dead Beast Hunger” improvement.

  • Fixed: A bug that provided a life stealing effect on crow's attacks, performing with the help of "Crow's Eye Curse" talent.

Frog Whisperer / Swamp King

  • Fixed: “Snatch!” dragging a hero back after a completed teleportation if the ability was timed just right.

  • Fixed: When the hero got a status "Fullness" after he has already got maximum Health increasing effects from the talent "Gluttony.”

Night Queen / Black Panther

  • Fixed: Night Queen / Black Panther couldn't attack enemies while being invisible with the "Unity" ability active. That's why in this version activation of the talent discards invisibility effect automatically.

Fire Fox / Flame Tail

  • Fixed: Heroine's copy always had 100% Energy, regardless of it' the amount Fire Fox / Flame Tail had at the moment of using a talent.

Soul Reaper / Soul Catcher

  • Fixed: Ghosts were counting towards Witch’s/Moira’s basic class talent “Witch’s Curse.”

Pied Piper / Rat Master

  • Fixed: After learning "Rat Disease" upgrade, the effect of decreasing Strength and Intellect was applied incorrectly to controlled creatures.


  • In a new version the amount of Energy required for "Strike of the Archons" use depends on the amount of called demons.


  • A new portrait for the heroine.


  • A new portrait for the hero.

Game Client

  • You can now self-cast abilities by double-clicking on the ability or using the Alt+Key. Self-casting is where the ability will automatically be applied to the hero and not an enemy or target.

  • When a player disconnects in a battle, they will automatically return to the base.

  • While playing in windowed mode, the cursor never goes beyond the PvP-client window.

Consumable Items

  • True Sight Potion now lasts for 5 minutes.

  • Fixed: The effect from an Invisibility Glyph was lost after a Teleportation Scroll was used.

  • The order of items in the shop in Dragonwald and Outpost is the same as in Borderlands.

Battle Mechanics

  • From now on Blinding effect reduces visibility radius less, which helps close-in heroes to use their attack at the appropriate distance.

  • Fixed: Tower started to attack a hero if they received enough prime for "Health Reserve" or "Energy Reserve" talents.

  • Speed of most controlled creatures belonging to a hero now never drops lower than the basic Speed of their owner.

  • You can no longer use a Teleportation Scroll to teleport out of a Wicked Tree trap.

Visual Effects

  • Fixed: Issue with resurrection animation being played over soldiers and the Touched, coming out of for of war.

  • Fixed: Several bugs causing wrong animations of creatures and heroes, that made them slide.


  • Fixed: Many places where a hero could got stuck after teleportation.

  • Fixed: A hero could raise up some flags close to monsters unpunished.

Sounds and music in the battle

  • Added a music theme during a hero's death.

  • Now tracks during battle load screen play randomly.

  • Added a ‘last hit’ audio indicator.


  • Some measures were taken over textures and as a result performance improvement will take place on some settings.

  • Bot AI in Practice mode was improved. As a result they can use a portal and items from the shop.

  • New portraits for Dohkt Fang and of Jaeger / Wolf Dancer wolves.

  • Improved icons on mini-map.


  • Fixed: Health of Wicked Hut and Fire Demon - it was 15% more than intended.

  • Fixed: Black Spriggan now uses a shield when he is attacked from ranged.

  • Fixed: By using the “Stability” talent a player could destroy Wicked Fires as it dispelled the “Gathering” effect making them unite.

  • In this version beasties coming out of Ratbellys are called Rats. They now disappear in 1.5 seconds if they don't have a target to attack.

  • The Dragon's Power has been increased by 20%. Monsters accompanying the Dragon are out every 40 seconds, was previously 60 seconds.


The level of enemy heroes now depends on the time they appear not the average level of heroes in the team. This eliminates situations when players did not raise their levels to make killing them easier.

Enemy Heroes will no longer destroy towers in the wrong order.


"Three Fat Boys" Quest

  • Fixed: Quest could appear twice in a row.

  • Rebalanced Fat Boys: Health is 20% lower now, but Speed is up to 10.

"Sitters" Quest

  • Fixed: Touched that killed a hero with the egg did not go to an outpost and stayed still.

  • Fixed: After the egg is lost because of the hero's death then is taken again, the counter showing the number of hits that the hero can take before the egg is broken now displays properly.

  • Now, when the quest is finished - either successful or not - all the Touched protecting the egg are called off.

  • If a hero carrying the egg dies, the Touched is called off as well. Also, the price for its death is reduced to 16 prime.

“Please, Help!” Quest

  • Fixed: Refugee attributes did not change with the map difficulty.

  • Fixed: It took quite a bit of time to receive a quest at the very beginning of the game.


  • The very last hit on the Touched will be counted if it is done 0.5 seconds before the enemy's death.

  • Many places, where heroes could got stuck after teleportation were found and fixed.

  • Now extra bosses appear only when the artifact is completely charged and has to be blown off.

  • Several changes were added in an easy (green) Challenges mode preventing high power heroes from completing it too quickly.

  • Fixed: Some monsters did not attack Willow in the Challenge mode.

  • Fixed: Quarrier / Rumbler couldn't get through some areas, as they were too tight for him.

We cut the dialogues of several initial quests in the Castle and the battle to pass them faster. Taking into account that the "Hero's Charm" doesn't depend on sex any more, the information about it was deleted from the tutorial.

  • After the update, during the first login through Steam, the player should choose the account sex in the launcher.

  • Fixed: Launcher loaded the client version, even if the player wasn’t authorized.

  • Fixed: Login was performed through Steam, even if the player started the app on its own, without using Steam.

Reminder to clans. If you are above level 10 you may submit a clan emblem to support. Only clan leaders may submit emblems.

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