Legendary Health Giveaway Winners

09 December 2013

  Legendary Health Giveaway Winners!

First of all, we would like to mention that to us, everyone is a winner! The community has proven its worth and has shown that it’s one of the best out there and we are proud of you! Nevertheless, these outstanding individuals have been chosen to receive this talent:

Jaite and Jessica: Jessica is a well known player and a Community Member of the week, it is no wonder that she has been recommended by so many, it is a pleasure to see that she has proven her worth as a great part of this community!

Selfless, coolest, "nicest" event that probably ever occur to me in the game...

Would be a game with me and Jessica. Although I've never really gotten to know this player..How ever after being frustrated with the endless amounts of trolls, AFKers, and simply inexperienced players I kept getting match with on Imperial side. I told myself "screw it", I should just play what ever hero I want when I wanted to. Why should I keep avoiding fun heroes because I don't want to lose Rating. So I Qued for the mode I hardly ever played called Apocalypse, with my assassin of all heroes.

Well somehow the lovely match making system put my 1600+ in a group of 1100-1200 rating heroes. Seeing the horrid lost of 30+ points and 7 point gain in this lovely mode. I begun to drag my feet everyone picked their lanes. I found out we had a zuma and a jungle with me ending up somehow in mid against a Blizzard as Assassin.

Well I told myself "what could go wrong" and began to lane. Soon enough after I got first blood I started to realize how inexperienced our team mates were. I was so frustrated at this point knowing that I was about to drop 30+ points for this game, I began to regret why I picked my assassin.

While we were winning the prime war from kills, we were losing the battle. We had no turret left defending and all our lanes were filled with zombies ready to just overwhelm our team. We had no chance against their army of darkness as I had no pushing power as a assassin. Soon enough I realized that our Fang was still beating up the touch in the forest at the 25 minute mark and our Zuma had not left home.

Ready to just suck up the lost of 30 rating points, I began to lose what little hope I had to carry the team to victory. The surrender flag got thrown up. It wasn't over though, I began to get negative with the Zuma and the forest junkie. That's when Jessica started talking to our Zuma and jungle about team work. We declined the surrender vote once more at this point. She was polite and friendly towards our inconsiderate team mates who refused to leave the jungle and Zuma. Keeping it professional (at least I thought she was) she kept talking to them allowing them to see why we needed them to assist us in order to win. She talked to them about why we needed our witch out of Zuma and why we needed our fang out of the forest. We couldn't defend our base without the five of us working together. None the less, they never left or listened to her attempts.

I thought to myself, it's a really nice thing shes trying to do not just for me, but our other team mates too. It's nice because she probably doesn't know what it means to us (her team mates). While rating isn't as important to me, I strive to keep a decent rating for my own reasons. Seeing her talk to our team by simply saying we needed to work as a team because we need each other for the win. Continuing to be positive even after being insulted by our own team, I had to stick up for her after all the effort she put in. Most importantly in my opinion shes doing it out of kindness not just because she wants to win.

I wish I was more like her, but I'm not. I never thanked her for it, but my games all day were horrible and I was in a horrible mood. I'm glad that someone can still do nice things even if others are frustrated. All I can do to thank her, was reporting those players who insulted her simply because she was giving friendly advice about the situation. I really did feel bad for her, maybe even a little furious.

Well that's my story. Hope everyone enjoys it+learns from it.

Meliondor and Arrrmy:  Arrrmy has made his way into our community and our hearts and we believe he will achieve great things within Prime World, we are happy to have him with us and we are glad to see that he has dedicated himself to helping others.

Well nicest play experience was with arrrmy. He played some of my first games with me and helped me to get my first 10 wins with his archer. It was really interesting, he is a great player, but only starting at level 15+...before that he is feeding the opponent while tower diving normally ;-).

The nicest experience with him: My girlfriend was trying out the game (Pandaprincess) and together we talked her to join the Clan [Isom] and now she is playing nearly every day and then we helped her with her last wins needed for the 10 first wins...

So thx Arrrmy for helping us and thx for Pandaprincess to keep playing, despite never getting a purple.

Insight and IgniPotents:  Seeing upcoming players within the community is always a pleasure to us. Noticing that such a bond could be created is proof that the community is steering towards a good direction and that the players themselves are the ones that shape it!

I would have to say my buddy IgniPotents. I knew him even before we got into a clan. He is genuinely a very good player not because he always has a good score but because he plays in a way I've never seen other players ever play. See I used to be a played League of Legends and you would never find a player like Igni in the whole North American server. He is very smart, very patient, which makes him extremely tactical and most importantly even when he does lose he will never put the blame on others or rage. What surprised me also is that he always plays one hero, Shogun, while I always play about 5 heroes pretty much Blizzard, Storm Thrower, Hunter, Whisp, and Assassin. Later I joined the clan Care which I also really like. You will find this somewhat funny but it actually helps me to be more careful of myself and heads up my teammates when you have a big [CARE] sign next to your name

I wanted Igni to join because he is great to play with. Later it so happened he joined the clan which is really awesome. I did have a chance to play against Igni. Fate had it that matchmaking put us against each other and on top of that in the same lane. Now keep in mind Igni never says anything in game at least as many times as we've played together. Since I knew exactly how he plays and how he ganks one thing that I will always remember is: In the middle of the game when I countered pretty much all his tactics (which of course I can't reveal because other players are reading) for the first time Igni said something in chat, "lol" And it made laugh too because of the matchmaking irony. The sad part of it all, as you know he plays tank/stunner and I as ranged dps, he was tower clinging the whole time. Yet he didn't die despite I put a lot pressure and stress on him during the whole lanning phase. Very commendable. In the end my team won, Igni did end up dying but unfortunately and fortunately not from me. I wanted to see if I could land a kill on him but in the end when the scoreboard showed up I did feel good that I didn't kill my bestfriend in Prime World. What a good team player and adversay.

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