Community Members of the Week: November 2013

29 November 2013

This month, three valiant Nobles earned the coveted honor of Community Member of the Week through their positive contributions to the community. Read on to learn more about them and click their name to read their full interview:
Jessica:  Jessica has always appeared as a bastion of both positivity and optimism, being both an old and an active member both inside the game and on the forums. Her willingness to help others as well as group up with them has led to her ever increasing popularity, this being enhanced as she now stands as the proud leader of the clan Fake Russians[Fake].
Jessica was recommended for this honor by Blood Lust, Photon, Punatulkku, Kallestrana, SoWSoW and OracleDelphi!
Bluerose:  Bluerose is one of the most prolific players in the streaming community of Prime World, enjoying the game style that appears only in such environments. Although not streaming himself at the moment, Bluerose can easily be spotted or heard on many of today's well known Prime World Streamers. Beyond helping to entertain and to spread the word about Prime World, Bluerose has also spent quite a lot of time on the forums and inside the game helping other players.
Know someone who should be honored? Head to our Recommend a CMOTW thread and let us know!