Legendary Health Giveaway

26 November 2013

  Legendary Health Giveaway!
This week, we’re giving away a new reward:  3 free Legendary Health VI talents! This Purple Tier VI will grant you +570 Health!
To win, we challenge you to tell us something nice that another player has done to you and you, along with your friend, have a chance to win this lovely talent.
You have until Thursday, Dec. 5, at 12:00 p.m. EST to submit your entries in this thread. Winners will be decided by Nival and revealed on Friday, Dec. 6.


  • Do not use sarcasm.
  • Both you and your friend will win this, so keep a positive attitude and be selfless.
  • Winners will be decided on both the originality and the general attitude shown in the contest.

Good luck!