Game Economy Changes

21 November 2013

Hello Nobles! There are some changes being made to the games economy that we feel will help alleviate some of the trouble people are having with Hero Cost and Vigor Restoration costs. We will be doubling the resource and silver income for players both inside the Castle and in Battle. This is a change we have been wanting to make for some time and we know it has been a hot topic on in the community for some time as well.

We hope that this will allow our players to be more comfortable with resting their Heroes as well as allowing them to unlock more Heroes to play.

In addition to the Silver increase, the Resource increase will allow players to build up their Castles and get Talent production moving amongst other things.

We may continue to make changes to the economy as time goes on, but for now this is a good start.

As always, please leave your feedback in the feedback section of the forums.