Hero of the Week: Dragonfly/Arcane Wyrm

11 November 2013

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Community Guides:
Dragonfly Bio:
The great guru of Prime-an-gao preached leisure and tranquility of life, filled not only with simple pleasures but with admiration of the sublime and the contemplation of perfection and the spiritual unity of all things.
He avoided crowds. This philosopher of luxury appreciated, more than anything else, the peace of mind he found in solitude, when thoughts flowed gently and pen and ink were always ready to record his next wonderful concept. Only a few trusted students could fully understand his complex philosophical constructs, but the clarity and depth of his phrases captivated even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of literature. And ordinary readers were attracted by his easygoing sense of humor and the amazing accuracy of his observations. Soon it became fashionable in Adornia to read the treatises, philosophical writings, and contemplative exercises of "Prime-an-gao."
The Call of the Prime did not worry the Teacher too much. He accepted full responsibility for any mutations: he rubbed the magical substance all over his body and then burnt it in his room like incense. Then, when the air shimmered with a bluish glow, he poured the substance into a hookah and smoked it with his pipe. The guru wanted to achieve maximum union with the Prime.
And he did—the great teacher became a hero. But his soul was not the only thing to change: his flesh changed in the most remarkable way!
The guru became Dragonfly, a magical lizard of legend, and only his pipe, which he kept as a Catalyst, suggests that he is still the same inside: wise, cheerful, and prone to conversation and debate. Even in battle, he remains himself. And when his fellow heroes ask why he went to war the Dragonfly grins with the corners of his snake-like jaws and cheerfully hisses: "Prime-an-gao directed me here."
Arcane Wyrm Bio:  
Arcane Wyrms are not very sociable, but not many people are willing to converse with flying snakes anyway, so no one knows their many secrets. Where did they come from? Where did they grow up? How did they become heroes?
Some lovers of mysteries and riddles tell stories of an ancient tribe of these wonderful creatures. Others say that the Arcane Wyrms are a result of mutations, a consequence of uncontrolled resurrections of the first heroes. Still others speak of the deliberate transformation of a brilliant scientist who yearned for special powers. And still others suggest a senseless accident in the use of new, developing technology. Of course, some just argue that these creatures are specimens of the Odd.
This particular scaled giant appeared among the Dokhts during the bloody War for the Foggy Woods, and he offered his services to the most powerful lord. His superhuman abilities are helpful for any force, and the Imperium warmly welcomed the strange visitor, even though the technocrats have long distrusted magic. But it was impossible to deny the magical essence of the Arcane Wyrm; even the high-browed wise men from the capital's Academy came to marvel at the hero's abilities.
The interest was shared by the horned snake, who was not adverse to studying his allies. And the explosive developments in the new society seemed good food for thought. The Arcane Wyrm argues that human potential is greatest in the art of warfare. Perhaps he participates in war only to learn more about these soft-bodied, two-legged creatures who are at once so aggressive, uncompromising, and yet...human.
The Arcane Wyrm's catalyst is a piece of his own shell, chipped by the Prime bullet that marked the creature's first encounter with humans. Fortunately, the Arcane Wyrm had enough sense not to show aggression, and the archers, who had the sense to conquer their fears, responded appropriately to the unusual creature's greeting.


Magic damage dealt to enemies near the Dragonfly is increased.

Arcane Web

Inflicts significant magical damage. If this spell kills the enemy, it is immediately recharged and again ready to use. Learning the Spell Trap talent allows the hero to deal additional damage to any enemy who tries to use any talent after being affected by Spell Trap. The enemy's Speed and Agility are also significantly reduced for several seconds.

Ethereal Form

Entering Ethereal Form, the hero gains the ability to pass through living creatures, restoring his Energy by this ethereal contact. If this talent is used on Native Terrain, the energy gain will be greater. The Spasm talent allows the hero to cause even more damage to the enemy which he contacts in Ethereal Form. If the hero learns Ethereal Phantom, his Speed while in Ethereal Form is increased.

Ethereal Shield

For a few seconds, the hero surrounds itself with a magical shield that absorbs a significant amount of damage received. However, this absorbed damage reduces the hero's Energy. After removing the shield on Native Terrain, the hero regains Health proportional to his maximum Energy.

Spirit Trap

The hero hurls its Energy at his target, causing colossal damage over a short period of time. If this talent kills an enemy hero, the Dragonfly gets a permanent Energy bonus. After the hero learns Energy Resonance, the damage dealt by Spirit Trap is increased. The size of this increase depends on the difference between the maximum Energy of the hero and his target.

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