Community Members of the Week: October 2013

31 October 2013

This month, three valiant Nobles earned the coveted honor of Community Member of the Week through their positive contributions to the community. Read on to learn more about them and click their name to read their full interview:
Godrix:  A Noble since the first closed beta weekend, Godrix was selected for CMOTW for his positive contributions to the community, including his actions in the Prime Battalion, his informative posts on the forums and his key role in the formation of the Fake Russians [Fake] clan. When he’s not playing Prime World, he loves drawing and watching anime. Godrix was recommended for the honor of CMOTW by Turty11 and Bambi.
Umbrella:  Umbrella was chosen for his leadership of the Imperium Electric Company [IEC], one of the most respected and well-liked clans in Prime World. In addition to providing the Imperium faction with valuable electricity, the IEC recently hosted the second community tournament, which 400 people viewed on Twitch. Umbrella enjoys theorycrafting and writing. Umbrella was recommended for this honor by OracleDelphi, Synthetic, Crazed, Photon, Jessica and Syver.
Inpen Inpen is one of our most dedicated streamers. At least five days a week, he’s on our Twitch channel or his own promoting the game and showing off top-tier gameplay. He’s also a consistently informative poster on our forums. He enjoys anything IT related, reading comic books and watching TV. Inpen was recommended for this honor by TSteel, Sweets and Bluerose.
Know someone who should be honored? Head to our Recommend a CMOTW thread and let us know!