Hero of the Week: Pied Piper/Rat Master

28 October 2013

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Community Guides:
Pied Piper Bio:
Unrestrained and sarcastic, he was skeptical of Imperium research, openly criticizing it and calling it “pseudo-science,” a term that quickly landed him in jail. Eternal darkness reigned in the prison, and he quickly lost count of the passing days. But for him, the true torture was the silence. He had always had difficulty remaining silent himself, and could not stand a silent environment.
To keep from losing his mind, the prisoner began to whistle simple melodies, and the unusual noise attracted the prison rats. He made a simple flute from some copper pipe fragments and was surprised to find that with each new melody, more and more rats came to him. The flute fascinated the rodents. They obeyed the music like good soldiers obey their general.
The flutist worked for a long time at controlling his army, and his first success was achieved when they gnawed through the prison bars. The prisoner escaped, his gray army with him. The rats were his hands, ears, and even eyes, since he still could not gaze at the light for long.
The last thing he wanted was to return to prison, and so, to avoid persecution, he decided to serve the lord of the land by joining the military. At first, he was not taken seriously: what good is a pied piper for an army? Perhaps his rats can steal a few coins from the enemy or nibble some holes in their cloth banners? But the Dokhts appreciated any skill, and the task of the lord was to find a use for it. Soon, it became clear that the piper’s homemade flute could control not only rats, but people, as well. Suddenly, every company in the army wanted the flutist with the dark glasses. Now they often call him the “Rat Catcher,” though he swears that he never once did anything to hurt his rodent friends.
Rat Master Bio:  
He could sit for hours, contemplating the dances of the butterflies or the falling leaves, admiring their beauty and harmony. The avid musician could weave a lovely, magical sound in rhythm with his steps. As he moved, the bells on his hat rang with an intricate melody. The Call of the Prime troubled him; his calling was music.
Weak human ears were unable to enjoy the subtle nuances of his melodies. But rats, which followed the musician everywhere, perceived the graceful sounds without difficulty. Ignorant folks would often ask him: “How can you stand to be next to such abominable creatures?” He would answer them. “You cannot understand, but I will make you appreciate the beauty of my music and of the souls of my gray friends!”
The musician went into voluntary exile. He played amid the barren plains. The rats cared for him, finding him food and shelter from harsh weather. Weeks passed, but there was no end in sight to his spiritual torment. Until the rodents brought him a pearl of Prime. He realized how much his friends must have labored to get it, and knew that it was a sign. He took the Prime. When he tried his flute, he found that his talent had a new sound.
His music could now enchant people. He could force them to look at the world as he wanted them to. He could subject them to his will. From then on, his fan club grew immensely. But it is hard for a hero to be free in a time of war. Those around him cast knowing glances, hinting at how much he could help in a battle against the enemy. The lords of the land called him to fight for them, each call more insistent than the last. The hero went off to battle, taking his small, faithful servants with him.

All For One

For every creature he controls, the hero receives a bonus to his Attack Strength and Health Regeneration.

Rat Eruption

The specified area is flooded with thousands of rats, damaging all enemies within. If that area is on Native Terrain, the rats will inflict damage at a quicker rate, but, after a short period of time, the area becomes neutral. After the hero learns Rat Disease, the Strength and Speed of any enemies attacked by the rats are reduced for a brief period of time.

Flute Song

The hero enchants the selected creature with his magic flute. Enemy heroes only serve the Piper for a short period of time, but soldiers become the hero’s permanent servants. The number of fighters the Piper can control is limited. The Song of Madness talent reduces the Defense of an enemy hero enchanted by the Flute Song, and the Power of the Flute talent increases the Health and Regeneration Speed of enchanted creatures.

Rat Rogues

The hero sends the fastest and most agile rats under his command to scout the area. A rat rushes at each enemy hero and reveals to the hero everything it sees on the way. When it reaches the enemy, it deals some damage and steals the enemy’s Prime before running back to its master. If the rat returns to the hero successfully, the hero receives the stolen Prime. If the rat is killed on its way back, the creature that killed it gets the Prime it was carrying.

Charming Melody

While the hero plays his flute, all of his opponents are stunned. After the melody is finished, all of the soldiers within the effect’s range become servants of the hero for an extended period of time. After the hero learns the Entrancing Music talent, enemy heroes who hear the melody will, for a short time, be slowed down and unable to use their abilities.

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