Patch 9.11.5 - New Hero, New Skins, New Features

24 October 2013

Meet Witch/Moira, our wicked new hero! She’s arrived just in time for our Halloween event. Learn more about the Witch and Moira in the videos below:


Along with a new hero, we’ve brought patch 9.11.5 to the EN server. Here’s a full list of the patch notes. (Note:  This patch does not include the upcoming Yellow/Green talent power change.)

Patch 9.11.5

In this version:

  • Improved battle start interface;
  • First Victory of the Day reward for Challenges mode;
  • Gradual rewards for Challenges;
  • Chat improvements both in the castle and in battle;
  • New shop item;
  • Many other tweaks and fixes.

Battle Search UI

We continue to improve the UI and make it easier to use. This time, the following parts have been changed: entering battle in a group, entering an arranged battle and Practice mode. The last played mode is saved in the selection window now, and it will be suggested as a default mode after re-entering the castle. If Challenges are the last played map, then their difficulty level is also saved.

  • Entering Battle in a Group
    • Now you can invite players into a group not only via the Friends panel or via chat, but also using a new battle start UI. To do so, please click the "Group" button to the left from the selected map icon.
    • Near a player's portrait, 5 free slots will open. If you left-click one of them or the search field above it, a list of online friends will open. There's up to 11 names displayed on the list. Your favorite players and members of your clan are displayed first. To add other friends, start typing any name. It will be immediately auto-completed, so you don't need to type a full name.
    • When the group UI is opened, there's always 5 slots, and the first slot is occupied by you. If the selected mode is designed for less than 5 players, like Outpost, than the extra slots will appear unavailable. You can invite players for those slots too, but in this case you will not be able to start searching for battle unless you change the mode.
    • To select your own hero, left-click your portrait or the Gate. After all teammates have selected their heroes, start battle search by clicking the "To Battle!" button again.
  • Arranged Battles and Practice
    • To start an arranged battle, click the "Opponents" button to the right from the selected map icon in the battle search UI. 5 empty slots will open. Invite opponents to those slots. If the opponent slots are empty and you have selected Borderlands mode, it means you want to play with AI, and your group will go into Practice. If there's at least one player on the opponent team, than a regular arranged battle will start.

Castle Chat

  • Now it's possible to enlarge the chat window in the Castle. Click the button in the upper-left corner of the chat window to enlarge it. You can also shrink the window back by clicking the "Shrink chat" button.
  • Hotkeys for moving to the corresponding chat channel have been added, even if the chat is closed at the moment:
    • F1 opens the World tab;
    • F2 opens the Group tab if you are in a group;
    • F3 opens the Clan tab if you are a member of a clan;
    • F4 opens the Group Search tab.


  • Talent Forge/Talent Garden:
    • Earlier, the total number of talents was displayed on the book icon, including those talents that were in the slots and visible for a player. In the new version, the number refers only to the talents a player can't see.

Hero Info Window

  • Fixed: Mastery points for the clan level were not immediately displayed in a hero's stats after distribution.
  • For some of the heroes, recommended stats have been changed.

Pre-match Window

  • In the previous version, if a player selected another hero in the pre-match window, during the next battle search that hero was selected for battle, not the initial hero, even though the search was performed for the initial hero. In this version, this error has been fixed, and now after a battle with a pre-match window the correct hero is displayed.
  • Fixed: Penalties for abandoning a battle with a pre-match window were not reset in 23 hours.
  • In the new version, you can change your hero skin in the pre-match window, even after you've confirmed your choice by pressing "Ready." You can't select another hero after the confirmation though, just like before.


  • Now you can disable obscene language filtering. To do so, press Esc, open the Settings menu and uncheck the corresponding option. The same option is available in the session settings as well.
  • In the talent upgrade UI, there are now filters for the "Fill" button. They allow you to choose the rarity of talents that are added automatically when clicking this button.
  • A number of errors that prevented battle rewards from displaying after a battle has been fixed. (Sometimes it was needed to re-enter the Castle to see the reward.)
  • Now the Golden Rune doesn't vanish any more after account reset.
  • Fixed: If a player refused to confirm the default name, he/she sometimes couldn't enter a new name.
  • Multiple minor improvements.


Challenges Reward

  • The Victory of the Day reward for the cooperative Challenges has been implemented. With the Victory of the Day, you will earn twice the resources plus nearly 30% more talents. The Victory of the Day in Challenges doesn't depend on victories in other modes; therefore, you can obtain the Victory of the Day rewards both in Challenges and in other modes.
  • Now players get gradual rewards in Challenges. If they made it to the third wave of monsters (detonated the Artifact twice), they get 1 talent; if they moved through to the battle with the Dragon (detonated the Artifact three times), there will be 2 talents; and if players defeats the final boss, they receive the full reward. But remember that Vigor also affects the prize—a player gets the full reward only if their hero's Vigor is 40 or higher.
  • The reward for cooperative Challenges has been increased:
  • Now players will never get Common (yellow) talents as a reward for cooperative Challenges;
  • Now players get more resources for victory in cooperative Challenges. The more difficult the Challenge, the more significant the increase in resources;

The Touched

  • Wicked Tree:
    • The Death Clutch ability now deals 20% less damage. Before, the monster could single-handedly kill heroes with high HP if he stuck them with Death Clutch all three times;
    • Wicked Tree’s Health has been lowered by 30%;
    • A special animation has been added to warn players that the Wicked Tree is going to attack with its most dangerous Death Clutch ability;
    • Fixed: The Wicked Tree attacked a dead hero with Death Clutch if there were no other targets nearby.
  • Fixed: If Fat Boy managed to escape, monsters that appeared in his stead sometimes went to the tower through the forest, not down the path.
  • Fixed: The healing effect of several Amanita lawns applied to the same area was stacked. Due to this, it was very difficult to kill an enemy if two such monsters were nearby.

Solo Challenge

  • Due to optimization, it is now easier to get into solo Challenge for users with certain configurations.
  • Solo Challenge difficulty has been lowered, and now players who are not acquainted with this mode yet can win with a hero of any Power.


  • In the previous version, it was possible to start any Challenge with a low-powered hero. Some players abused this feature by starting battle search for Hard with weak heroes. In the new version, the harder the Challenge, the higher the requirements to Power. 



Night Queen/Black Panther

  • Fixed: Life Glyph, which restores Health to heroes, didn't affect the Night Queen's/Black Panther beast in Challenge mode.

Pied Piper/Rat Master

  • Now, if a hero uses the Rat Rogues talent when invisible, he/she immediately becomes visible again.


  • A new Soul Reaper/Soul Catcher skin has been added—Shadow of Death/Fire Doom.


  • Fixed: If a hero learned the talents of the Witchcraft set when in Scroll Workshop, the number of reagents for this set was displayed incorrectly. This was only a display issue; the calculation itself was correct, and the number was back to normal after first use of reagents.


  • A new item has been added to the shops—Lantern.
    • It reveals the surrounding area when summoned and, just like the Magic Lantern, is invisible, but it cannot reveal invisible enemies. Its purchase cost is 115 prime, which is about 75% of the cost of the Magic Lantern. This difference in price offers a choice to players who often use these items. 
  • When in battle, you can use the following hotkeys to switch between chat channels:
    • Ctrl+Enter: general chat;
    • Shift+Enter: team chat.
    • Press Enter to send messages to the channel which have been used the previous time.
  • In the new version, the status of pets is remembered until the next battle. If a pet was dismissed by the end of a previous battle, then in the next battle it doesn't appear automatically near a hero. Moreover, there will be no pet icons in the quick launch bar, and pets can be found in the Inventory only. If the player summoned a pet, however, then in the next battle this pet will be summoned by default and his icon will be in the quick launch bar (but not the other pets in case a player has two). If a player had 2 pets before the update, then after the first launch only one pet icon will be in the quick launch bar—of the pet who had been summoned; the other one can be found in the Inventory. 
  • Some players used to send the distress signal to their allies in battle too often, and there's now a limit. If a player sends more than 6 minimap signals within 3 seconds, than for some time he/she will be able to signal his allies only once per 3 seconds.
  • Before this update, some players unintentionally dragged talent icons out of the quick launch bar, and therefore needed more time to place them back. Now there's an option to lock the bar by pressing the lock icon near it. If the button is active, the bar is locked and players can't change places of the talent icons by simply clicking them or to drag them out of the bar. To edit the talent bar, players need either unlock the icon or hold Shift to temporarily disable the lock.
  • Some visual effects in battle improved.


  • Now Recruit rank is shown in the pre-match window among ranks suitable for battle.
  • Minor updates have been made to the tutorial quests in the castle to help new players.
  • Fixed: Sometimes more Prime Crystals than necessary might have been taken for talent production in the Talent Forge/Talent Garden if a user had an unstable connection.
  • Now 5 Steam Packs are available on the game page on Steam. These packs contain in-game bonuses like Golden Age, hero skins, gold, and other valuable features.