Matchmaking Update

18 October 2013

We’re addressing several matchmaking issues, including the Hero Power gap between veteran and new players, SEA/Oceanic lag and matchmaking imbalances between the Keepers and the Imperium (which should also address the poor rating balance currently seen in the game).
First, we’re increasing the power gain on Yellow and Green talents in a future update. Yellow and Green talents will now give players more points to the Hero Power rating, allowing new players to obtain Green and Blue level heroes faster than before. This will help decrease the power gap between new and veteran players. As a side effect, this will also make farming the Green Challenge more worthwhile for new players and speed up their preparation for the Blue Challenge.
Next, we’re offering Imperium clans the opportunity to transfer to the Keepers side free of charge. This is a first-come, first-serve offer, and it’s only available for 2 high-ranking clans (1500+ rating) and 2 mid-ranking clans (1300-1500). This should even out the ranks on both sides of the game, which will hopefully allow our matchmaking system to find more appropriate matches for our players. If you're a clan leader and you are interested in making the move, send a PM to Iamisom on the forums.
In addition to balance, we’ve received reports of increased lag from our SEA/Oceanic players. We are going to implement priority matchmaking for these players, which will group them together and place them on the nearest server. We’re also monitoring the situation with our new EU server. If you’re an EU player and you’ve been experiencing lag, please give us your logs in this thread.
Some of our players want Prime World to have a perfectly balanced, 1:1 matchmaking system, where players not only have equal ratings but also the same level of development (including hero levels and talents power). While we are working hard on lowering the gap between the rating of the teams being matched, our game does not take into account your level of development.
There are two reasons for this:
1. Prime World is an RPG/MOBA hybrid with persistent progression, which means that the longer you play the game and the longer you work on your heroes, the better results you should have. 
2. While rating is a universal measure of your overall performance, which ultimately includes every possible factor in it, having more than one factor added to the matchmaking system, where at least one of them can be easily controlled by a user, will lead to a situation where some players intentionally lower it in order to get matched with less experienced players. Not only does this contradict the core idea of a persistent RPG game, but it also creates a potentially abusive situation when players intentionally get matched with less experienced players. Our RU version was originally designed in this manner, and we had to change it.
When it comes to matchmaking balance, these are the biggest factors to consider from most important to least important:
1)  Rating:  This is the best factor to determine if a match is balanced or not. Our rating system takes into account a player’s skill, hero power and win/loss ratio. Our rating system also has a boost for lower-ranked heroes. If you see a blue/purple hero with a low rating, they might have a strong hero, but their win/loss ratio is incredibly low. 
2)  Hero Power:  Hero Power grants additional stats per color bracket, and it’s a good indicator of how many rare talents a hero may have. If you enter a match where the majority of players are in the same hero power bracket or off by one color, this should not have as big of an impact on the outcome of the game as your skill and rating. For reference, the Hero Power scale from lowest to highest is Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. (Orange is currently disabled in the EN version.)
3)  Hero Level:  This is the least important factor in determining if a match is balanced or not. At the max hero level of 25, a hero has 48 more stat points than a hero at level 1. These 48 stat points are applied slowly throughout a match. These are not given to a player at the beginning of a match. To put this in perspective, 2 stat points in agility equals .01 more agility, so at the end of a match, that hero will have .24 more agility than a level one hero. 
We’ll continue to develop new systems to improve our matchmaking balance, and as our population continues to grow, these issues will decrease. Prime World will launch on more platforms in the near future, and we’ll continue to advertise and promote the game. Thank you for being patient and for providing a wealth of feedback on our issues.