Community Spotlight: Tournament Time

16 October 2013

The fine members of the Imperium Electric Company are putting together a community tournament! This tournament is a for-fun event with a 1599 Blue hero cap. The clan’s fearless leader, Umbrella, has more details:
"When is the tournament?"
We've been told to try and aim for the 19th-20th, but a lot of this depends on the participation of you guys, and a bit on our tournament structure as well.
"How do I sign up?"
To sign up, follow these steps:
Create New Team:  Arrange a team of 5, and list your team members, their in-game names, and of course, your faction.
You can also sign up by yourself (by listing your in-game name and faction) and we will do our best to put you on a team, but it's strongly recommended you form your own team if possible!
"How many teams are able to sign up?"
We don't want to put a restriction on this at the moment. Ideally, we're able to work out a bracket for any number of teams.
"Why is there a power cap?"
We want to create as even a playing field as possible. Creating a cap gives us an easy way both to do and enforce this.
"Why is the power cap 1599?"
We originally wanted there to be no power cap, but thought evening the playing field was smart. 1599 is the next lowest, easily enforced power cap.
"Why isn't the power cap 1399 or 1199?"
If this tournament goes well, we will look into creating green/blue capped tournaments in the future.
"Why don't you ban yellows/Earth's Grasp/Shadow Cover/purples/etc.?"
If we enforce any restriction other than name color (power cap) we have to enforce it, and it creates administrative work that isn't necessary.
Keep an eye on this thread for more concrete details on the tournament. Thanks to the IEC for hosting this event. Good luck, everyone!