The Nobles Pact

15 October 2013

We, the Prime World community, want our game to be the friendliest MOBA. We want to support and welcome new players. We want to be respectful and practice sportsmanlike conduct. We want a community full of people who believe in team spirit and who work together as a whole. Though nothing can be perfect, we want Prime World to come as close to these ideals as possible. In order to reach these goals, we are willing to follow the rules and guidelines created by our own community in this Noble’s Pact.
Rules are punishable offenses. These are enforced by Nival’s Support Team. 
Do Not Abuse Other Players
Do not abuse your teammates or opponents for their skill, actions or personal background. Retaliation is not exempt from the rule.
Fight Honorably
Do not AFK, intentionally feed the enemy team with kills or any other attempt to assist the enemy team because the battle is not in your favor.
Follow the Player Behavior Policy
Follow the Player Behavior Policy created by Nival. This policy includes rules for the chat system, player names and bug/system exploits.
Guidelines are not punishable offenses. These are commonly accepted ideas for player behavior within the game that the community would like to support.
Be Constructive, Not Destructive
Provide constructive, helpful criticism to other players. Help them improve. Avoid flaming and insulting as these actions do not lead to improvement and are proven to decrease your chances of winning.
Play as a Team
Work together to determine who will play each role. Be flexible and willing to change your role to meet the needs of your team. Work together as a cohesive unit on the battlefield.
Help Out the Newbies
Be willing to answer new player questions in the game and in the community. If a new player is having trouble, offer them guidance. Don't insult new players for bad decisions and plays. Be inclusive and be patient. We were all new to the game once.
Communication is Key
Communicate with your team to increase the likelihood of victory. Use the ping system to warn teammates of danger and to highlight enemies to focus in team fights. Use these terms in chat to help your team out:
  • SS = Missing. Use this when your enemy has left their lane to alert others of an incoming gank.
  • RE = Reappear. Use this when the enemy has returned to your lane so that your allies don't have to play defensively.
  • B = Back. Use this when you are going back to the base so your allies know that your lane or jungle is unguarded.
  • Care = Take care. Use this when you believe that an ally is in imminent danger. Best used if you mention the lane that might be receiving a gank: "Care top."
Practice Good Sportsmanship
Play fairly. Treat your opponents and your teammates with civility and respect. Be graceful in victory and defeat. Remember, in every game there must be a winner and a loser.
Help Those Who Want Help
Offer help and advice to other players, especially newer players. If they do not want your advice, do not continue to offer it. To those who do not want help, politely decline the offer. 
Report Players Silently
Report offending players, but do not tell them that you are reporting them. Informing someone that you are reporting them will only encourage negative behaviors.
Be in a Gaming Mood
Playing in a negative state of mind (exhausted, angry, sleepy, aggressive) or while having a bad day will affect your behavior, but these are not reasons to get unpleasant toward your teammates.