Removing Our Gender Features

14 October 2013

Dear Nobles,
We’ve included many features in Prime World that help us stand apart from the crowd. Some of these features add novelty to the genre, while others have increased the dynamics of the gameplay. Sadly, not every idea stands the test of time and player reaction -- for example, our gender mechanics.
In a future update, our gender features will be removed. These features were intended to be a small part of a much bigger idea:  integrating deeper gameplay mechanics with character identities. Unfortunately, this bigger idea was never fully realized. As we worked on these features, the community feedback wasn’t as great as we had expected, so we shifted our resources toward other features.
The implemented gender features were causing issues in other places. Despite trying to fix them so that they appealed to everyone, the combined negative feedback from all communities made us realized that it would be easier and more effective to remove them.
Our game is continuing to evolve based on your feedback. There are more changes ahead. Stay tuned.
Prime World Development Team