Addressing Your Biggest Concerns

09 October 2013

Prime World launched on Steam earlier this week, and the feedback has been pouring in. From old fans to new, everyone has something to say about the game. We’d like to take a moment to address your biggest concerns one by one. If there’s something else that you would like us to elaborate on, ask us in the comments below.
We are aware that the matchmaking is not up to par with what people may expect. We are constantly striving to create a balance between queue times and rating equality. The quality of matches is very important to us, and we are working to make them better each day.
Currently, we are fixing a bug that allowed one high-ranked player to get matched into the new-player pool (under 10 wins). The solution has been found and will be patched in shortly. We recognize that some players are getting matched into games where the rating difference is 250+ on all accounts, but there has to be some considerations. We want all players to be able to play, and in order to do that, we have to give the higher rating players matches eventually. We are working on a compromise in the MM algorithm that will hopefully work well for everyone.
Overall, matchmaking has improved. Currently there are 7x more people in the 1100-1200 range that are mostly new players. As they work their way up the ranks, the mid-range players will begin to see improvements.
Lag/EU Server
We’ve received numerous reports that our overseas players are experiencing lag spikes and high pings. We’d like to announce that our European server is scheduled to arrive on Friday! This new server should reduce latency (ping) for our European players significantly and possibly for our SEA/AU players as well.
The EU server will not split the community. Here’s how it will work: The EU and US servers will both take from the same matchmaking pool. At the time a match is found, if the majority of players are from one region or another, all of the players in the match will play on that server. This should improve latency (ping) overall for all players.
We are currently working on a report system that will allow you to report these individuals to us in a timely fashion, and together, we will crush them like dirt in our iron fists... we mean, we will remove them from our game as quickly as possible.
In the meantime, you can send our Support team screenshots of these individuals. While in the game, press F10 to take a screenshot of the offending player. You can find this screenshot in your Prime World folder (Prime World/Castle/Screenshots). Attach this screenshot to the ticket. This may not be the most efficient manner of dealing with these players, but it is effective.
Queue Times
Queue times have decreased across the board, but players are still experiencing long times when trying to find a Challenge match. We suggest that our players use the Group Search world chat to find players. By queuing up with 3-4 players, you are most likely to find a game in a reasonable amount of time. (Of course, queuing up with 5 players will result in an instant match.)
Some players seem perplexed by our decision to include a minigame in our 5v5 mode. The mode is intended for supports or duo laners to use during the initial laning phase of the match. This ensures that laners can solo their lane to get more Prime. During the minigame, you can create scrolls and give these to laners/junglers to increase their survivability. Once the initial laning phase is over, generally the minigame player will leave the minigame for good to help team fights.
Gender Options
Our gender options have been a topic for heated debate among gamers and press alike. Because of this feedback, we have decided to remove all of our gender features. We’ll address this in more detail in a separate post very soon. Keep an eye on the website.
Hero Prices
Some players have been turned off by the high cost of certain heroes. While we are going to take that feedback into consideration, we would like to mention a few things.
The costs of heroes might seem rather exponential, but the amount of silver earned through playing and Castle development is exponential as well. Why restrict the heroes at all? Well again, this comes from RPG progression. As Lord or Lady of your Castle, you are working towards recruiting more heroes to aid your cause.
Some of our players with high-level heroes have mentioned the high cost of Vigor restoration. This is something we are going to look into more thoroughly.
We would like to note that you can continue to play any hero even if they do not have any Vigor. Having Vigor ensures that you can gain the maximum rewards for playing that hero. Using the Spa/Inn can restore the Vigor with a silver cost, but this mechanic is not meant to be a Free-to-Play money trap. By limiting the max rewards per session on a hero until they are rested, we encourage players to diversify their hero pool and actively play more heroes. Again, you don't have to rest a hero. You can continue to play them. You just earn less per battle.