Create Your Own Rules and Guidelines

07 October 2013

This is your game. This is your community. Help make it better.
Introducing The Noble’s Pact, a set of rules and guidelines created by our players, for our players. We want you to create rules and guidelines that you would actually follow. We want you to decide the behavior you’d like to see from other players. This is your chance to make Prime World the friendliest, most supportive MOBA community out there. Don’t let this opportunity pass.
Here’s how it’s going to work:  
We’ve created a new subforum called The Noble’s Pact. In this subforum, you’ll find the Rule Creation and Discussion category. If you have an idea for a rule, create a new thread -- for example, “Don’t Rage.” Write a short paragraph describing the rule. Then, discuss the idea with your fellow Nobles and help shape it.
We’ll close the subforum early Friday and put every rule to a community vote over the weekend. After the polls close, we’ll write up the Pact based on your votes.
During the voting phase this weekend, you will vote Yes or No to each rule and vote on whether the rule should be punishable (making it a Rule) or not punishable (making it a Guideline). You will also answer a few short questions about the goals for the community. For example, a community goal might be, “I want Prime World to be the friendliest MOBA community.” The results of these goal votes will be used to write the preamble for the Pact.
We are giving you an unprecedented amount of freedom in shaping a gaming community. We are serious about making this community toxic-free, but we believe that it begins with you, our players, to make this happen. 
Nival reserves the right to deny any guideline that we feel may be detrimental to the community -- for example, “Always Rage at Other Players.”
We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Good luck, Nobles.