Giveaway Reminders and Earths Grasp Winners

05 October 2013

It’s been a week full of events and giveaways. In case you missed them, here are the remaining active giveaways:
  • Razer Giveaway on Reddit:  Leave a comment on this Reddit post for your chance to win a Black Widow Mechanical Keyboard and a Naga MMO Mouse from Razer! We’ll select a winner on October 8 and contact them via their Reddit PMs.
  • Gold Code and Hero Codes on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook:  Enter these giveaways for your chance to win a 100 gold code or a hero code -- winner’s choice! These contests will end on Monday.
  • Alienware Gold Code Giveaway:  Alienware still has more than 6,000 gold codes to give out. Go go go!
  • Forum Gold Code Giveaway:  Finally, we’re giving away 5 gold codes on our forums. All you have to do is leave a comment in the thread. You can enter as many times as you’d like!
The initial impression of our Steam launch is looking positive. We’ll have more words about our Steam launch soon.
Earth's Grasp Giveaway
We’ve selected our three Earth’s Grasp winners! Here they are:
First Place:  Ocba
War. This archer had always hated war. Buildings, castles, forests, they all burned in its wake. The smoke drifted miles, covering the battlefield, hiding his enemies. What good was his composite bow if the enemy could simply wave a fan and the gust hides her movements? The assassin stood from his crouching position and took a good look around. He was one of the elite of the Imperium, such that nobles paid him not silver, but goldto protect their land. 
His allies were far from his position. Not even his mentor, the one known as The Lifehound, could been seen. A chuckled escaped his lips, if anyone could hide in this Fog of War, it was him. A movement to his far right broke his bout of nostalgia, an orange figure dashed through the smoke running on all fours. The Archer had acquired a new target.
A quick jump narrowed the harrowing distance. An arrow drawn. The humanoid turned to face its stalker. The duo-strings pulled taunt. A growl escaped the beast's lips. The arrow released. The duel had begun. The tigernoid skirted to the left, the arrow only grazing his massive arm. The beast roared than charged the assassin. Predictable, he sent two arrow into the tiger's shoulder and redeployed behind it. Its instinct proved valuable as the weretiger turned and bit into the archer's shoulder.
The Imperium hero yelled in pain, and as reprisal jumped back and sent an arrow into the tiger's eye. With visibility limited twice over, the creature decided to run. He turned and sprinted on his hind-legs, his tailactually between his legs. The assassin would not let him run, though, and skipped ahead and sent a flurry of strikes at the beast. Eager to get away, it jumped over the crippling arrow and dashed on all fours; within seconds it had reached the first tree of the forest, but this was the Imperium forest. 
The Archer yelled at the trees. They gave no reply. He jumped forward again and landed an arrow in the tiger's back, but it was not slowed. He yelled again for assistance, but there was no Woodsmen, no werewolves, he had not seen his mentor in hours and the enemy was making a slow escape. "Why?!" the Archer yelled, the trees were alive because his people controlled this native land. "Why do you not help me?!" He turned and kicked a nearby tree's root, one which protruded from the path the weretiger had run.
"You do not hold the nature's favor. That's why." The Lifehound stood behind his pupil, seemingly having come to the calls. "These trees hold the same value for you as they do for them. As long as the Touched do not control them, they care not for whom protects them."
The ranged assassin slung his bow onto his back and kneeled in-front of his mentor, "How do I gain their favor?" The old Hound gave a the youth a smile and pulled him to his feet.
"Learn from them, befriend them. I am no Woodman, but I have spent years gaining their favor." He lifted a hand and the tree's roots moved to block the small gap in the trees.
"Why have you not taught me this before?"
"This is not something you can learn at the Capital." He rested a hand on the archer's shoulder and vanished as into the smoke. "Go and learn."
Second Place:  Ashmadai
Many scholars think that the trauma sustained by the woodsman within the Prime Zone's great disaster region is to blame for his lost memories. Few know the true story behind his addled mind: the story of when his great earth grasp staff fell, and in doing so, so did the last vestiges of his mind. The great zoologist of the Imperium was not always just a man of science. Not many adventurers nowadays are aware that he once diligently led the cult devoted to Otik. For his many years of service and devotion the young woodsman was bestowed a most powerful relic, he was chosen to wield the great earth grasp staff in Otik's name.
Countless people now know that the zoologist wandered through the prime zone to escape his Adornian captors. He spent years in the scar mostly unscathed due to his formidable earth grasp staff. He fortunately outwitted his captors and kept his earth staff hidden from the Adornian raiding force, they wanted their scientist in good health so he convinced them to allow him to keep his walking stick. This seemingly simple staff itself embodied a duality just as father nature Otik himself resembled. The woodsman was not allowed to have the staff touch the profaned earth of the scar not consecrated by Otik, nor may it leave his hand. It was safe in the Imperium but he was far from home. When the woodsmen ventured into the scarred dead zone , he knew his staff would protect him. He was not undone by any beast or Odd creature in the dead zone, but by his own ensuing madness. As he roamed the zone with each passing day the lunacy overtook him, and soon he no longer could recall of the great power hidden within his staff. Some say it took the full 30 years of this roving madness to overtake him, the exactness is not known. However the outcome was known to all Imperium children hereafter. Once the woodsman was finally bereft of his mind he laid the great earth grasp on the ground, which he now himself took to be a meager branch. By the time he tried retrieve it mere moments later the damage was done. The roots of the earth grasp staff took hold of the scar, the earth grasps grew quickly into a tree-like effigy of his lord Otik. The great tree was now alone and in danger in the scar surrounded by enemies. The event however was of such a great offence to father Otik, that the woodsman finally succumbed, and was stricken with such a madness that he could no longer remember his past.
Once he returned to us and healed the woodsman told no one for many years of the disappearance of his staff. However every now and again adventurers in taverns all from across the land set out on expeditions to retrieve a branch of Otik's sacred tree. Now utterly profaned and hacked to pieces, countless earth grasp staffs have been sheared off by both the Keepers and the Imperium. Otik's power and the effigy tree are now mere shades of their previous glory. Each branch retrieved mirrors the original earth grasp staff, the power each time however is degraded. No one knows how many days left for the once proud earth tree and earth father. Many heroes fear their days are numbered. Perhaps if the woodsman could regain his memory we might learn of some way to redeem our gravest error to Otik, but for now we must wait. The woodsman owing to his madness no longer recalls of these events, perhaps one day our youth too will forget the name and grace of Otik and his great earth grasp staff, such is our fate.
Report created for The great library of the Imperium
Notes from: Treatise on Otik and The Woodsman's Journal
Third Place:  Kor
Hopeful hero runs.
Feet, earth, vines, struggle starts; stops.
Nature's last embrace.
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