Giveaways, Events and Steam Launch

30 September 2013

It’s happening. On Tuesday, Prime World is launching on Steam! Join our official Prime World Steam Group to stay up-to-date on the latest Prime World news, events and giveaways.
As our population grows, our queue times should decrease and our matchmaking balance should improve. It may take awhile for these changes to be felt as people will be coming into the game all week. Please help new players with any questions they may have and be patient as they learn the ropes of the game. With your help, our new players will stay and our game will continue to grow.
In celebration of this momentous occasion, we have a full week of giveaways and events!
  • Facebook Steam Announcement Giveaway:  Like, share and comment on our Steam launch date announcement for your chance to win 100 gold!
  • Exclusive Forum Talent:  As one of our special thank yous to our current players, we’re giving away an exclusive forum talent. Head to the Talents page to request it. You better hurry:  This request period will close on Tuesday! (Use “I played the game before Steam launch” as your reason for why you deserve the talent.)
  • Ask Us Anything on Reddit:  Have a question about the game? Have a question for the team? Ask us on Reddit!
  • Steam Launch:  On Tuesday, our Steam launch will be officially live! Expect to see plenty of press coverage and advertising throughout the week.
  • 24-Hour Livestream (With Razer Giveaway):  Join the dev team on Twitch as they stream Prime World for 24 hours! We’re giving away Razer gear, gold codes and more! The stream begins at 12 p.m. EDT. Join us on RaidCall (Group ID:  9876) to chat with us and join us in battle.
  • Alienware Giveaway:  Alienware is giving away gold codes! Keep an eye on the Alienware Arena page to enter!
  • RaidCall Giveaway:  RaidCall is giving away gold codes on their Facebook page. Follow their channel to be the first to enter!
  • Gamepedia Giveaway:  Gamepedia is giving away gold codes on their Sweepstakes page! Good luck!
  • New Player Coaching Day:  On Wednesday, our older members are helping out the new players! New players can head to this thread to find mentors from either faction or go to our official RaidCall group (Group #9876). Our veteran members will be in the World Chat all day to answer any questions you may have.
  • Facebook Gold/Hero Giveaway:  On Wednesday, we’re giving away free hero codes and gold -- winner’s choice! Like us on Facebook to be notified of the giveaway.
  • Nobles Night, Steam Edition:  Every Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. EDT, join the dev team on Twitch! Gold codes will be given out every 30 minutes.
  • Reddit Razer Gear Giveaway:  Keep an eye on r/games and r/gaming for our promoted Razer giveaway posts. Plus, we’re giving away free hero codes and gold on our Prime World subreddit!
  • Gold/Hero Giveaway on Twitter:  On Friday, we’re giving away free hero codes and gold -- winner’s choice! Follow us on Twitter to be notified of the giveaway.