Community Member of the Week: Malvodion

28 September 2013

Our Prime World Wiki was gathering cobwebs when, like a shining light rising over the hill, Malvodion arrived into our community. He's been single-handedly polishing and tweaking the Wiki to become what it was meant to be all along:  an encyclopedia of Prime World knowledge. There's still a lot of work to be done -- work that would be easier if more people helped him. Malvodion took a few minutes away from fixing up the Wiki to answer a few of our questions.
Malvodion was recommended by Sturm Brightblade, Jokasmoka and Strike for the honor of Community Member of the Week.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m Malvodion. I’m a casual Prime World player and an old WC3 fan who likes to play lots of MOBA-type games, which is what made me discover PW in the first place.
What’s the story behind your name?
I’ve never been very original with names: Long ago, I used to have very lame nicknames “borrowed” from video game characters. I kept switching from one name to the other, until one day I said, “I need something unique, something I can keep.” So I literally smashed keys on my keyboard and formed a word, which I modified a bit to make it more or less readable, thus “Malvodion” was born. (Then I tried to change my name once again months later, but by that time most people already knew me by this name, so I kept it. It’s been 6 years since then.)
You’ve been, by far, our most active Wiki editor. What inspired you to fix up our Wiki?
Well, I had been working on another game’s wiki for a while, when I noticed PW’s wiki.
I remembered that months ago you had held a contest for people to work on the wiki to earn Gold among other things. It seemed like, as soon as it was over, everyone had abandoned it. Since most of the contributions had been made by people that didn’t know how to work on a Wiki, the site had been left in pretty bad shape. Most of the information was wrong, Google translated or outdated, so it was pretty chaotic (and that’s without mentioning the spambots). A website like that was of no use to anyone. So I said, “If no one wants to update it, I’ll do it myself.” And that’s what I did. Since then, I’ve been cleaning the wiki so that, hopefully one day, it can become the Knowledgebase the game truly deserves.
Do you need help?
Of course. Ours is a community wiki. Any help is welcome. I can only do so much by myself. There are many articles and pages that need to be fixed or updated, but since I’m not a veteran player, I can’t add/update them with information I don’t know/have no access to. And you don’t need to know how to format a wiki page, I can teach you what I know or do it for you. I’m always around in case someone needs my help. For more information on what needs to be done and how to help, you can follow this link
Have you worked on a Wiki before?
Yes, before I started working on PW’s, I had been working on Smite’s wiki for around a month or so. I learned most of what I know about wikis thanks to it.
How long have you played Prime World?
I started to play Prime World since the first english closed beta, but I never got too into it until recently.
Favorite hero?
Mmmm.. Of all the heroes I’ve tried, Artiste and Priestess/Healer are my most played/favorites. I tend to like magical Fighters/Supports.
Least favorite hero?
To play against: Shadow/Whisp and Jaeger/Wolf Dancer are the most annoying to deal with, IMO.
To play as: None so far. (I’d need to try more heroes.)
Favorite mode?
Borderlands. I always prefer the “standard” mode of any MOBA. Switcheroo is nice too, since you don’t have to worry that much about losing, so you can have more freedom and/or fun.
Least favorite mode?
Mmmm.. Dragonwald would be it. It’s not very fun for me, but that’s my opinion.
How did you find out about the game?
Someone had mentioned the game to me, and after investigating for a bit I got interested enough to try it, so I patiently waited until the first closed beta started.
What was your first impression of the game?
That it was pretty interesting (flags, terrain that changes in front of your eyes, customizable characters), but it lacked balance. (I still remember how Inventor was able to easily push and tank towers with his turrets, but that was changed long ago.) But the game has come a long way since then. The devs have listened to their community, and it’s clear that they want to do whatever is necessary to improve it.
What’s your favorite Prime World memory so far?
I remember this one match, we were losing hard. Everyone was shouting and blaming each other. The enemy was wasting time extending the game, taunting us in chat. At some point, I somehow managed to make them listen to me and cooperate if they wanted to win, and they did. As soon as the enemy made one mistake, we aced them, then we pushed to win. The enemy team didn’t say another word until the match was over. (And this is why you never get cocky.) The plays. The teamwork! Una bellezza.
Have you been this active in gaming community before?
Yes, but only once, on Smite. I never felt like “working for the good of others” on a video game until I found out about these two games. I want to see these games grow. I hope my efforts can help that, at least a bit.
Do you have any other hobbies?
Besides working on the wikis and playing video games? Well, I really like reading, from comics to mythology to classic novels. (Laaaame, I know.)
Do you have any advice for newer players?
Like I mentioned before, never get cocky. Don’t underestimate your enemies. Risking victory just to “enjoy” the moment is not worth it, and you are also ruining the fun of the other team. (Unless they take the chance, then they’ll ruin yours.)
Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I’d like to thank you people for supporting the wiki. If it wasn’t for you, I would have probably gave up on trying. (It’s hard to have any motivation in working on something when no one cares.) I really appreciate it.

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