Earths Grasp Giveaway and Haiku Contest Winners

27 September 2013

Last week, we challenged you to inspire us with your poetic mastery with a haiku about the Keepers. The community has spoken, and the three winners of 200 gold are:
First Place:  Crazed
Dokht blood, dripped in fame
Seeds of endless war and pain
Land's wrath, Keeper's gain
Second Place:  Sturm Brightblade
From nature's own hands
Red colors they wear as flags
We fight, heart at hand
Third Place:  Umbrella
Lettuce decorum
How do you keep from eating
Your salad castles?
Congratulations, winners! Keep an eye on your forum PMs for your gold codes.
Weekly Challenge:  Earth’s Grasp Giveaway
This week, we’re giving away a new reward:  3 free Earth’s Grasp talents! This Purple Tier IV talent damages targets for 130 Physical Damage and stuns for 2.5 seconds.
To win, we challenge you to show us what Earth’s Grasp means to you. This can be any form of representation:  visual, text, audio, anything. Be creative.
You have until Thursday, Oct. 3, at 11:59 a.m. EDT to submit your entries in this thread. Winners will be decided by Nival and revealed on Friday, Oct. 4.
  • All entries must be original and created specifically for this contest.
  • You may use Prime World art assets, but you are not allowed to use anyone else’s work but your own.
  • Entries will be judged on originality, creativity and adherence to the theme of the giveaway.
Good luck!