Hero of the Week: Nymph/Maiden

18 September 2013

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Community Guides:
Maiden Bio:
The comfort of her castle’s strong walls were the source of her happiness. As the heiress of an ancient noble family, she believed that her father’s forces would protect her homeland from its enemies. And if the enemies were too strong, then the unicorns, the family’s loyal allies from ancient times, would come to protect them.
But war soon broke out with the Keepers of Adornia. An enemy army invaded the lord’s territory, attempting to attack the defenders of the Imperium’s fortress from the rear. The border guards fought bravely, but what is a handful of brave men against countless thousands? The lord and his sons fell in battle, the army fled, and no one could reignite the flame of hope in the hearts of the warriors.
The Prime had long ago called to the lord’s daughter, but she had resisted, too terrified to meet her destiny. Now everything had changed. Her family was lost, and the grief-stricken heiress longed for revenge. She called for the help of the unicorns, but they did not answer. She realized that revenge cannot recover those who have been lost; indeed, it causes even greater loss. She had to to protect the Homeland, saving those captured or wounded. Sensing that the girl’s thoughts were pure, the unicorns at last came to her aid.
The army’s spirits were lifted when they saw the young rider approach. They followed her, and in that first battle, they gave her the name Maiden. The girl’s pure motives and indomitable will endowed her war unicorn with Rainbow Flight, and her enemies were unable to harm her as she soared over the battlefield.
As a Catalyst, she chose the golden needle which had once been used to embroider the family crest on the unicorns’ cloths. Now the noble Maiden leads her soldiers into battle, for when the men lose heart, only this chaste beauty can convince them that there is something worth fighting and dying for.
Nymph Bio:  
All day long, she roamed the Valley of a Thousand Petals, fearing that someone would try to destroy the magical beauty of the forests. The magic of life enchanted her with its uniqueness. Every fairy-tale creature seemed to be a special creation of nature.
During one of her walks, Nymph saw soldiers leading a prison wagon. The iron rods shook as the creature inside, a vile spider, tried to gain its freedom. The girl, realizing that the hunters were taking a unique creature out of the Valley, bravely rushed to the rescue. Can a living creature really be destroyed just because of a repulsive external appearance?
The guards did not expect the girl’s actions, and didn’t have enough time to stop her. The creature was set free. After scattering the warriors, the monster rushed toward a nearby grazing herd of beautiful unicorns. The surprised creatures scattered in all directions to escape the spider. Only the proud leader stayed, pointing his horn at the aggressor. They fought, blood and chitin flying in all directions.
Shaken by what was happening, the girl rushed to the fight, hoping to stop it. But it was too late: the unicorn lay on the ground, badly wounded, and the monster dragged itself, its leg broken, into the nearby woods to hide.
For several days and nights, the girl nursed the unicorn, using a Prime balm on its wounds. Perhaps it was then that her heroic talents were unlocked, talents increasing her magical powers and allowing her to heal animals.
At last, the unicorn’s wounds were healed. The girl and the unicorn tracked down the fleeing monster and drove him across the border into the Keepers’ land, in the Prime Zone. Since then, Nymph and her loyal friend have fought to protect the world of her dreams, a world where people and unicorns can live together in peace.

Shield of Purity

Increases the heroine’s Stamina and protects her from enemy attacks. Enemies attacking the heroine on Native Terrain are susceptible to magic damage. The higher the Will of the heroine, the higher her Stamina and the more damage is dealt to her enemies.

Power Balance

The heroine heals herself and her allies. If enemies are nearby, they receive damage, and the heroine and her allies regain even more Health: the points of damage inflicted by Power Balance are distributed evenly among the heroine and her allies as Health points. When used on Native Terrain, allies also receive a brief bonus to their Movement Speed. After the heroine learns Balance Shift, her Power Balance inflicts even more damage to enemies; her allies, therefore, gain even more Health.


The heroine spreads an aura which increases the Will of her and her allies. After the heroine learns Peacebreaker, this talent increases the amount of Energy required for enemies within the aura’s radius to use their talents. The extra Energy they used is transferred to the heroine’s allies.


The land around the heroine becomes Native Terrain for a short time. Enemy heroes on this land are immobilized for a few seconds. After the heroine learns Conquest, this talent not only immobilizes enemies but also significantly reduces their Will and Stamina.

Rainbow Flight

The heroine’s unicorn takes off and hovers for some time above the earth, surrounded by a rainbow. All enemies within a small radius underneath him receive continual magic damage. On Native Terrain, Movement Speed is greater for the duration of the flight. After the heroine learns Euphoria, the duration of the Rainbow Flight is increased.

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