Patch 9.10, New Skins, New Features

13 September 2013

Patch 9.10 

We are happy to announce patch 9.9-9.10. In this patch:

  • Penetration and Defense have been rebalanced to increase the effectiveness of Stamina and Will.
  • Battle start interface and battle auto-accept functionalities have been improved.
  • Several Slayer-class heroes have been modified.
  • New Skins.
  • In-game keybindings have been added.
  • The Tavern/Teahouse has been improved.
  • The Portal talent's mechanics have been changed to make ganking single targets easier.

  • In the previous versions, if a player was under the effect of 2 auras generated by the same talent but of different levels, the total effect was calculated differently for every hero and it was based on their own talent level. For example, if 1 hero had learned lvl.1 Magic Assault, which increases Intellect of all nearby allies, and his ally had had the same talent of lvl.3, then Intellect bonus for the former was calculated as if he was under effect of 2 lvl.2 talents, and for the latter as if both talents were of lvl. 3.
  • In the previous versions, it was possible to cancel some class and general aura talents' effects that affected heroes in a specific area. For example, using the Steadfastness talent that canceled all enemy debuffs, a player could cancel the Magic Resistance effect (increases Will). In the new version this error has been fixed, and now, if a hero is in the aura range, its effect can't be lifted.
  • Unlocked Potential:
    • In the new version, the bonus is based not on the current value of a stat, but on its basic value. It means that if the talent is learned while under some boosting effect (like Jaeger's/Wolf Dancer's Power of the Pack) the stat that was greater even without this effect will be boosted.
  • The Uncommon Agility talent icon has been changed.
  • A lot of smaller amendments to class and general talents have been made, as well as to status descriptions.


Doctrine has been reworked because of low clone efficiency and also to make the Intellect build more powerful.

  • Descriptive Alchemy:
    • Strength of Sulfur Clones and Intellect of Quicksilver Clones is now calculated differently. The changes will result in greater damage dealt by all Clones.
  • Power of Alchemy:
    • Time during which a hero hit by a Quicksilver Clone is idle now depends only on the target's maximum/current Health ratio (in the previous versions, calculations were based on Doctrine's and target's current Health). Due to this alteration, an enemy with full Health will get the longest effect, and the one whose Health is lower than 50%, will suffer the minimal effect time;
    • Time during which a hero hit by a Quicksilver Clone is idle is now 2 to 4 seconds, not 2.5–5 seconds, as before. Due to this change, it's easier now to get the maximum effect time;
    • When the Power of Alchemy is used while a Quicksilver Clone is active, the target no longer takes damage over time;
    • After a heroine has struck an enemy while a Quicksilver Clone is active, her Agility is increased by 6 seconds (based on Intellect);
    • The method of changing Clones has been simplified:  If the Power of Alchemy is used to a Clone, it changes its type instantly, not vanishes as before;
    • After the talent has been activated, a Sulfur Clone deals damage to the target in 0.8 seconds (0.4 seconds in the previous version). The Lightning Master's/Storm Thrower's Thunderclap talent takes nearly the same time to hit a target.
  • The targeting mechanics of the Clones have been improved.


Because of the Eternal Servant upgrade, low effectiveness and low value of the Strength hero build for some class talents have been reworked.

  • Master of the Archons:
    • Strength of summoned Archons now grows according to a new formula, and their efficiency on higher levels is now greater if the hero is Strength-oriented.
  • Strike of the Archons:
    • The talent now deals greater damage, equal to the amount that could be dealt only with the Eternal Servant upgrade in the previous version;
    • The cooldown time has been increased to 100 seconds;
    • If the Eternal Servant upgrade has been learned, the cooldown time is 20 seconds (just like before);
    • After Eternal Servant has been learned, a hero doesn't lose his Demonic Shield when he uses Strike of the Archons;
    • The Eternal Servant upgrade no longer increases the Strike of the Archons talent's damage.
  • Demon Trap:
    • After the Trap Terror upgrade has been learned, an area where enemies can't use talents after being released from paralysis is now greater;
    • Now it's not necessary to get to the center of the trap to activate it. Any part of the trap, if stepped onto, summons a demon or catches an enemy hero.


This hero approaches an enemy very closely to deal maximum damage with his Decisive Strike; that's why he was an easy kill after using this talent. To make Eraser/Assassin more viable, his class talents have been reworked.

  • The Mark:
    • After the Preparation upgrade has been learned, the hero speeds up by 60% for 3 seconds after dealing damage to the target under The Mark with a regular attack or with his Decisive Strike talent.
  • Decisive Strike:
    •  If the target is not a hero or the Night Queen's/Black Panther's beast, then a hero need 3 times less Energy to use this talent. The Decisive Strike talent also cools down 3 times faster. This makes finishing off soldiers easier.

Lightning Master/Storm Thrower

In the previous version, a Strength-oriented hero lost his efficiency for a long time after using the Thunderclap talent. Apart from that, as hero's regular attacks dealt too much AOE damage, the Chain Lightning talent now deals less damage to each next target it hits.

  • Thunderclap
    • When the Electric Charge talent is learned, if the hero uses Thunderclap with accumulated Chain Lightning charges, the cooldown time doesn't increase, and the Lightning Master/Storm Thrower can use Thunderclap again in 16 seconds, as usual;
    • Although the cooldown time doesn't increase, the hero gets the Electric Charge effect, and while it's active, he doesn't deal extra damage with his hammer for accumulated chain lightnings;
    • How long the Electric Charge effect is active depends on how many chain lightnings the hero had accumulated before he used Thunderclap. The effect is 5 seconds longer for each accumulated chain lightning. Therefore, the time after which the hero can deal maximum damage with his hammer haven't changed. At the same time, now Thunderclap can be more often used to deal regular damage.
  • Chain Lightning:
    • Now each next "Chain lightning" deals the target 25% less damage than the previous one, not 15% less as it was before.


  • Now this hero deals damage to invisible targets with his Black Tornado talent.

Fay/Fairy Queen

  • In the previous versions, if the heroine tried to use her Portal ability after she had joined someone with the help of the Fusion talent, Portal didn't work but started cooling down. In this version, Portal isn't available if the Fay/Fairy Queen joined someone.


  • Fixed: The Curse of the Beast talent didn't deal any damage if Fang/Claw died right after he had used it.
  • Lone Beast:
    • Upon hovering the mouse pointer over the talent, an area is indicated where there must be no allies to make it possible for Fang/Claw to get a bonus from the Lone Beast talent.

Pied Piper/Rat Master

  • Charming Melody:
    • Fixed: If the Charming Melody talent was interrupted, creatures near the hero didn't obey, and it was necessary to play the tune till the end to make the talent work. Now, if this talent is interrupted, creatures still obey the hero, but for a shorter period of time;
    • Fixed: The hero could stun the Night Queen's/Black Panther's beast with his Charming Melody.


  • Immortal Spirit:
    • After the hero had come back from his ghost form, he stayed invincible for 1.5 seconds more, but couldn't move or use talents. In the new update, this feature has been removed, and now the hero can move and be hit right after his revival.
  • Battle Hunger:
    • Fixed: The hero didn't get a Speed boost from using his Battle Hunger class talent with the Concentrated Fury upgrade learned if an enemy activated the Steadfastness talent which removes all effects from enemy heroes, near the boosted Highlander/Immortal.

Night Queen/Black Panther

  • Slashing Throw:
    • Fixed: Even if the Rebound upgrade hadn't been learned, when the Slashing Throw talent hit the target, a visual effect of Rebound appeared. It was only a visual issue; the talent itself worked correctly and didn't deal extra damage.


  • Fixed: The Night Queen/Black Panther whose beast had been slain wasn't killed instantaneously with the Deathblow basic class talent.


  • Landslide:
    • When the hero threw his weights, no boosting or weakening effects could be cast on him in the previous versions. Due to this, in particular, charges for using class talents didn't accumulate correctly for the Dark Legacy set;
    • Fixed: If the hero used Landslide while under the effect of the Haste talent, he didn't lose extra Speed boost.
  • Fixed: The hero sometimes fell out of his rock if he used the Boulder talent while under the effect of Light Step.


  • Fixed: The Blood Ritual talent used right before hero's death was still active in the moment of revival with the help of the Secret of Immortality set effect.


  • Clockwork Bomb:
    •  Fixed: A bomb tossed up even those heroes who can't be controlled—for example, the Blade Master/Sesha while he performs his Deadly Dash.
  • Fixed: If a hero had less than 20 details, no boosted damage was indicated in the hero's stat window.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, a hero's components value could become negative.
  • Now the range of vita-generators and turrets is displayed upon hovering.

Frog Whisperer/Swamp King

  • Fixed: The hero could chop trees with his Hop! talent if he had indicated an area beyond the talent range. In such cases, he jumped as far as he could, and the trees were destroyed in the specified area.

Woodsman/Witch Doctor

  • In the new version, a Wicked Tree can grab not only heroes, but also their twins, including Doctrine's Clones.
  • Now the Woodsman's/Witch Doctor's Wicked Tree doesn't lift its camouflage and grab a target that can't be controlled (like the Blade Master/Sesha while he performs his Deadly Dash).
  • Forest Magic:
    • Upon hovering the mouse pointer over the talent icon, an area is displayed where there must be trees for class talents to spend twice less Energy.

Arcane Wyrm/Dragonfly

  • From now on, the Spirit Trap talent can't be applied to creatures that are controlled by heroes. The Night Queen's/Black Panther's beast is an exception. This will eliminate cases when someone can unintentionally hit monsters enchanted by Pied Piper/Rat Master.


  • When selecting a target for the Painted Beast and Color of Life talents with activated Master's Paintbrush, the player now sees an area where extra targets will be hit.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the Painted Beast talent didn't deal damage to Arcane Wyrm/Dragonfly if a bunny had been released when an enemy was under effect of the Ethereal Form talent, but hit the target after this effect had been already lifted.

The battle start UI has been reworked for many reasons. Let us mention the most important ones.

  • In the future, we plan to add new features, like playing against bots in other modes, as well as new modes. The interface in its recent state was overloaded, and it was not wise to load it even more with new elements. The new interface, however, will spare us many troubles in the future.
  • The usability tests we have conducted show that a considerable part of new players couldn't figure out how to start a battle. The new UI solves this issue.

We are still working on this interface and will introduce many great new features in the future updates.

Starting a Search For Battle

To start a battle, a player should now choose a map in a special interface in the top of the screen, and then click "To Battle!" A familiar battle preparation window will open, but for a few changes:  Now there are no maps (as the map has been chosen on the previous step), and a player can see only the icon of the map they picked. Apart from that, the "Hero" button, which allows to see hero stats and talents, as well as the "Play" button have been moved to where battle mode icons were located before.

To start a battle, choose a hero and click "Play." The preparation window will close. and you'll see the battle search animation. It's now not a rotating planet but a glow around the map icon in the new UI. To stop the search, just press the "Searching" button.

You can still open the preparation window the old way—by clicking on the Gate and then starting battle if you don't want to change modes.

To practice with AI opponents in the new UI, select Borderlands and then press a button to the right—"Play with AI." As now there's no Practice mode, there's no reward for battles against bots, just like for arranged battles. Your heroes don't spend Vigor as well. But in the future updates, a reward for the first Victory of the Day might be applied to cooperative Challenges.

Auto-accepting Battles and the New Pre-match Window Mechanics

In version 9.9, heroes with a rating of less than 1300 go into battle without a pre-match window, just like before. However, a confirmation is not needed: as soon as a battle is found, you get there automatically.

If heroes in the found battle have ratings 1300 or higher, they also don't have to confirm and get to the pre-match window at once. When this window appears, you can hear a sound of a gong, which in the previous versions signaled about a found battle. In the pre-match window, you have 60 seconds to select another hero. After that, you are given 15 more seconds to make a final decision whether they want to fight. If yes, click "Ready." If you don't confirm battle in 15 seconds, it means you canceled it. There will be no battle and all those who failed to confirm receive a time penalty, during which it's impossible to start a new search. To sum it up, earlier a player was considered to have agreed to a battle if only they hadn't canceled it, but from this time on players must confirm their will.

Searching for a Cooperative Challenge

You don't have to be in a team to go to a cooperative Challenge any more. Just select a difficulty level and start the search. The game will find you 4 other teammates automatically.

When searching for a party for the Challenges mode, the system takes into account not hero ratings, but Power. It is the main stat based on which you are matched with allies who will help you win the Challenges. If a group of heroes starts the battle search, the group Power is calculated as a mean value of Powers of all heroes.

If a search takes too long, you still can use an old way: form a group of 5 players and go into battle as a team. To find teammates, use a special chat channel.

New Quests

To make the game process of cooperative Challenges more versatile, a player can complete various quests while in the mode. Examples of such quests include protecting an allied soldier who comes from the outpost, taking eggs from the Siren birds, or dealing with young Amanitas until they have grown. In case of success, every player sees fireworks near their hero.

  • Three Fat Boys
    • Three huge Fat Boys appear in the different places on the map and slowly move to the exits. To complete the quest, defeat all three of them.
    • In case of success each member of the team is rewarded with 500 prime, and the artifact's counter increases by 20.
    • If at least one Fat Boy makes it to the border of the map, the quest is considered to be failed. There will be also more Touched coming from the side where he went in the next wave.
  • Mushroom Hunting
    • 10 little Amanitas appear on the map. They don't have much Health, but move very quickly. To complete the quest, kill them all till the time runs out.
    • In case of success each member of the team is rewarded with 500 prime, and the artifact's counter increases by 20.
    • If the quest is failed, little Amanitas grow into adult ones and attack the outpost.
  • Save Our Souls!
    • You have to escort a soldier from the outpost to the one of the roads that are blocked against the Touched. While he moves, he is attacked by monsters.
    • In case of success each member of the team is rewarded with 500 prime, and the artifact's counter increases by 30.
  • Sitting Hens
    • After the Prime Explosion, 3 Siren nests appear on the map, where they hatch their eggs. You have limited time to take those eggs from the Touched and bring them to the outpost.
    • In case of success each hero is granted 500 prime.
  • Rat Eruption
    • After the Prime Explosion rats appear on the map who can steal prime. Kill 20 rats in a limited time to complete the quest.
    • In case of success each hero is granted 500 prime.
  • Killing Kobold Workers after the Prime Explosion is now a quest too. Time is limited. In case of success each hero receives 500 prime.

New Enemy Heroes

Now it's not only Gray and Stripy who attack players, but other Prime Zone hostile heroes as well.

  • Gorgona—an Imperium Nāginī.
  • Harpy—a Keeper Fairy Queen.
  • Baba Yaga—an Imperium Sorceress.
  • Serpenta—an Imperium Mystic Serpent.
  • Centaurus—a Keeper Chieftain.

New Touched

During the Challenges, players will encounter new Touched they've never seen before.

  • Evil Spark. Never shows alone, only in the company of 2 other Evil Sparks. Possesses the unique Death Barrier ability:
    • If one of the Evil Sparks is joined with another, there's a barrier of 2 lightnings between them. If a target crosses the barrier, it is damaged by each of the lightnings;
    • If there's only 1 Evil Spark left or it is too far from the others, it bursts, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Wicked Hut. Possesses the Giant Stomp ability:
    • When it moves, it decreases Speed of nearby enemies by 18%;
    • Its attacks deal damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Wicked Tree. Possesses the unique Death Clutch ability. When it's activated:
    • A Wicked Tree moves instantly 3 times; after that it can only move slowly and make ranged attacks;
    • After it has moved instantly, it deals damage to a target nearby with melee attacks;
    • Heroes slain by a Wicked Tree when Death Clutch is active revive 2 times longer.
  • Fire Demon. Possesses the unique Flame of Hatred ability:
    • If this monster is being attacked by several heroes at once, his Strength, Physical Defense, and Magical Defense increases per each attacker. Therefore, it's only more dangerous to attack him together.
  • Wholeskin. Possesses the Mender ability:
    • Once per second, he restores 40% Health of his health. It means you have to use high-damage abilities to kill him or attack him in a group.
  • Ratbelly. His unique ability is Split Me!:
    • If Ratbelly's Health is lower than a certain point, he prepares to burst. If he succeeds, 5 rats appear instead of him.

Other Monsters

  • Faun. Due to his ability to increase Agility and Speed of allied creatures and lift negative effects from them, Faun used to be very efficient when subdued by Pied Piper/Rat Master. That's why in the new version:
    • This monster no longer can lift negative effects from heroes;
    • When Faun is subdued by Pied Piper/Rat Master, Agility and Speed of allied creatures can't be increased as much as before.
  • Hag
    • Fixed: If a hero who has been chosen by Hag to deal his mass damage teleported, the effect teleported with him as well and the damage was dealt in the place where the hero had moved to.


  • Now, if a team wins a cooperative Challenge in less than 8 minutes, they don't get a reward. In the previous version, the minimum time was set to 15 minutes, and some players didn't get a reward even though they had truly deserved it.
  • Sometimes players didn't make a Prime Explosion, which blocks one of the paths from the Touched after they had killed 100 monsters but continued to fight the Touched instead to collect more prime for a later stage of the mode. That's why from now on, if an artifact is 90% charged, more powerful monsters start coming from all sides. It goes on until someone makes a Prime Explosion.
  • In the new version, the Prime Explosion effect can be seen not only where a path of the Touched has been blocked, but also around a hero.
  • Like in other modes, in case of victory an extra talent is granted for each hero who has the Golden Age in the castle. In case of defeat, an owner of the Golden Age is granted 1 talent.
  • Fixed: Native Terrain turned into Neutral if a temporary terrain change effect had been active when someone raised a flag (for example, from the Love of the Land talent).
  • In the previous version, a player received a small amount of Lord Experience for defeat in the Challenges. It was a bug and it has been fixed now.

Single Player Challenge

  • Hagry now revives the same way as other heroes in solo Challenges.
  • Fixed: Chat was available in solo Challenges.
  • Fixed: When a high-powered hero was completing solo Challenges, a Tower's Health didn't reach maximum after it has been repaired with tower sigils.

New looks of other heroes:

  • Frog Whisperer/Swamp King—Toad Dwarf/Tadpole.


  • Quarrier/Rumbler—Steamrock/Volcano.


  • Jaeger/Wolf Dancer—Ice Rider/Fire Dancer.


  • Marksman/Hunter—Huntsman/Bowmaster.

  • Highlander/Immortal—Swordmaiden/Erinys

  • Doctrine/Demonologist—Student/Demon

Mass Talent Production

Now you can start producing many talents at once in the Talent Forge/Talent Garden. The higher the building's level, the lower the production cost.

Each new unlocked crystal slot in the Talent Forge/Talent Garden has a great impact on the production time.

Time of talent production depends on the number of cycles that a building needs to run to produce the necessary number of talents. 1 cycle takes 8 hours, during which the building produces as many talents, as many crystal slots are unlocked in it. Besides, production time is reduced by 1 hour per each extra day of production. It means that the Talent Forge/Talent Garden runs 3 full cycles during the standard 23 hour cycle other buildings have.

Now players can take all talents from the Talent Forge/Talent Garden even if the Library is full.

Please note that the game client may not respond for a short time if you have produced a lot of talents at once and are trying to move them to the Library.


  • In the new version, the Tavern/Teahouse has been reworked, and now its efficiency at high levels is greater than before.
  • Talent drop conditions have changed for different building levels. The higher the level of the Tavern/Teahouse, the higher the chance to get more rare talents from it. A chance to receive a Unique (purple) talent is approximately 1.4 times higher for a building of level 30 than of level 15:
    • Levels 1–14 grants Special (green) and Rare (blue) talents;
    • Levels 15–29 may give you Rare (blue) and Unique (purple) talents;
    • Levels 30–40 may give you Rare (blue), Unique (purple), and Exclusive (orange) talents (temporarily disabled).
  • The order of quests in the building has been changed to match their difficulty and reward with a level.
  • Now the amount of resources granted for completing quests in the Tavern/Teahouse is considerably greater than before, and the reward is the same as can be produced in a same-level building within a day.
  • Requirements to Stamina and Will in the Tavern/Teahouse have been lowered, which makes completing quests easier.

Arranged Battles

  • You don't need to create a full team to start an arranged battle any more—you can get there with any team. The main requirement is that both teams should have at least one player each.
  • Fixed: An unknown hero icon was displayed behind the hero chosen by a player in the arranged battle UI.


  • Now raising Clan House level costs 4000 silver (1000 silver in the previous version).
  • If a player had been invited to the clan and then it became full before they had accepted, an invitation disappears.
  • In the clan development UI, clan abbreviation is no longer displayed in front of the name of a player who donated resources.

Castle UI

  • Fixed: Sometimes friend slots worked incorrectly after removing a person in a building from friends.
  • Fixed: Sometimes a hand-shaped pointer that appears when hovering over friend slots in buildings didn't disappear correctly.

Unassigning talents

  • Now unassigning blue talents costs 5000 silver (5 gold in the previous version).


  • A heroes' hiring order has been changed. Now it's more balanced: Heroes who are more difficult to play with are available for players with higher Castle levels.
  • Now you can reassign the hotkeys used in battle. To do so, click Esc, select Settings and go to the corresponding tab.
  • When sending an invitation to be friends, it's now possible to copy and paste text into the input field using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V combinations.
  • The castle client has been optimized to make the game run faster on some PCs.
  • New music has been created for the castle.
  • Recommended stats for heroes have been changed to help new players create better talent build for their heroes.
  • Now screen captures made in the castle are saved to the Documents\My Games\Prime World\Castle\screenshots\ folder (Documents\My Games\Prime World\Screenshots in the previous versions).
  • Many other minor changes.

Penetration/Defense Rebalanced

Before now, defensive stats' efficiency was low, and it was more useful to increase heroes' Health. That's why the effect of Will and Stamina for heroes has been rebalanced.

  • Now, if one of these stats is higher than the other, it affects both Defense types—Physical and Magical, but this effect will be greater for the main stat. For example, Stamina increases Physical Defense and, additionally, Magical Defense if hero's Will is lower than Stamina. Thanks to this rule, hero's total Defense will increase and these two stats will become more valuable for hero's development.
  • Now Penetration affects damage from active talents more. For example, if a target had 50% Defense and an attacker had 100% Penetration, an attacker gained 25% boost to damage from talents; whereas now it's 35% more damage. Thanks to this, Slayers will become more valuable as these heroes can deal a lot of talent damage at once.
  • As Stamina and Will have been recalculated, some talents where these two stats are distributed not in the optimal way have been strengthened.

Tower Visibility Range

Previously, heroes could destroy a tower without being hit if they placed a magic lantern nearby it so that the tower was in the visibility range. This way they could hide in the forest behind trees and attack the tower, but it didn't hit back because the heroes were beyond its visibility range. To improve this situation, following changes have been made:

  • After a tower started attacking its target it needn't see the target—the only condition is that the target should be in the tower's fire range. It means you cannot hit a tower once and hide in the forest: you need to leave its fire range to avoid being hit.
  • A target that has appeared from the fog of war stays visible a little longer than before so that a tower can react.

Talent and Creature Range Visualization

Visual effects of AOE abilities have been unified.

For example, if a talent or a scroll affects everyone within its range including invisible heroes, the area is displayed as a circle with hieroglyphs, similar to the Mage's/Sorcerer's Fire Flail talent.

To display the range of some effect, for example, the lowered cost of Woodsman's/Witch Doctor's class talents given by his Forest Magic ability, a regular circle appears to indicate an area of effect.

Besides, now you can see the range of a creature or a mechanism by hovering a mouse pointer over it.

The following heroes have been modified:

  • The Warlord's/Shogun's flag range is displayed;
  • The area where a Wicked Tree summoned by the Woodsman/Witch Doctor can grab heroes is displayed;
  • The range of enhanced demons summoned by the Demonologist is displayed;
  • The Doctrine's Clones' attack range is displayed;
  • The Mage's/Sorcerer's Demon's aura range is displayed.

Mini-game and Scrolls

  • Light Scroll:
    • The scroll affected enemy heroes who deal regular attacks too significantly and also gave a complete protection against ganking. That's why it has been modified:
    • Now a hero blinded by the Light Scroll has a 50% chance to miss, not 75%.
    • The scroll’s cooldown time has been increased from 60 seconds to 200.
  • Divine Scroll:
    • The scroll has been modified because teams regularly use it to completely protect just 1 or 2 heroes against ganking;
    • The Healing Scroll has been renamed to Divine Scroll;
    • The scroll’s cooldown time has been increased from 45 seconds to 300;
    • Now in the tooltip which appears upon hovering the mouse pointer over the scroll effect icon, an amount of Health that can be restored by it is displayed;
  • Twin Scroll:
    • Twin's Energy is now 40% from hero's, just like his Health. In the previous versions, twin had an amount of Energy equal to those of a level 0 hero.
  • Now scrolls fold and unfold faster when created in the Scroll Workshop.
  • Pressing T and C while creating a scroll in the Scroll Workshop now opens the talent or stats window respectively.

Summoned Creatures

  • Fixed: Creatures summoned by heroes could be commanded by pressing X and E keys, for example Jaeger's/Wolf Dancer's wolves.
  • The AI of creatures summoned by heroes has been enhanced. It will help to eliminate cases when creatures don't stop attacking an enemy when it's time to retreat or vice versa—for example, ignoring an enemy who should be attacked.

General Game Mechanics

  • In the new version, Energy Drain not only burns enemy's Energy, but it also restores a stolen amount of Energy to the player.
  • Sometimes players used fake teleportation to affect the course of the battle. For example, displayed effects of quick teleportation to an area could make an enemy hero retreat, but after that, the heroes canceled teleportation, and the Portal talent was ready for use again. In this version, if a player cancels the Portal talent, the talent will cool down for 105 seconds. If the casting ends with actual teleportation or is interrupted by enemies, the talent takes 210 seconds to cool down, just like before.
  • There was not much profit in defending the same lane by 2 heroes because both of them received a lot less Prime for killing soldiers, which affected later stages of the battle.
  • Now killing an enemy creature brings more prime if there were 2 heroes nearby in the moment of death.
  • Fixed: Melee heroes started to attack sleeping Touched if they got too close to them.
  • A path searching algorithm has been improved. Now heroes more often move more effectively through the map.

Battle Rewards

  • An error that in rare cases led to a negative rating value after a victory has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Previously, the Victory of the Day was considered given for an arranged battle, but, as there are no rewards for such battles, players couldn't get this reward in a regular battle later that day.


  • A series of errors have been fixed regarding glyphs in Dragonwald: Glyphs sometimes appeared in places where heroes couldn't pick them up.
  • Fixed: Spriggans didn't restore their Health when the Vampire's/Dahaka’s talents had been used nearby.

Tutorial Quests

  • Fixed: In rare cases, a hero destroyed an enemy Science Lodge/Art Temple with the first attack during the video, which made the game to freeze.
  • In the First Strike quest, it is explained how to lock the camera to the hero and to unlock it, as well as how to reassign mouse button to command a hero.


  • Fixed: When a hero summoned or dismissed a pet while invisible, he stopped moving.
  • Sometimes the Touched blinded by the Duelist/Prince of Thieves left the battle and started restoring its Health. This issue has been fixed as well.
  • Fixed: Sometimes Walker/Monstera didn't attack an enemy Science Lodge/Art Temple.
  • Fixed: A hero moved jerkily if a player clicked at a new place on the map too often.
  • Fixed: If a hero returned into battle after using the Bird Scroll, no scroll effect was displayed.
  • A number of issues that caused the game client to crash when leaving a battle have been fixed.
  • Previously, it was too hard for heroes with high Power to win a solo battle against bots. To make it easier, the dependency of AI Power from hero's Power has been changed. Also, battles against AI will now be harder for low-Powered heroes, because earlier they were no challenge to players at all. In the new version, AI opponent's Power is practically equal to AI allies' Power and tends to equal that of a hero.
  • A number of errors have been fixed that caused the game client to crash during a battle.
  • Fixed: Sometimes while searching for a battle in a full group, players might end up in Maneuvers even if a leader had this option disabled.
  • A number of minor mistakes in the castle quest dialogs have been fixed.
  • For some screen resolutions, visual improvements have been made to players' portraits placement in a group of 5.
  • Server performance for peak-load conditions has been optimized. Due to this, we expect the game to have fewer lags when there's a maximum of players in the game.


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