Community Member of the Week: Sweets

12 September 2013

Sweets caught our eye through her numerous positive contributions to the community, but what really set her apart from the pack was her guide to the Prime World community titled, "Sweets Guide to the World: Prime World Community Edition." Her guide showed players how to be more involved in our great community. We wanted to know more about the girl who helped grow the Prime World family.
Sweets was recommend for Community Member of the Week by Blood Lust, Pisces_rdGabe, Sturm Brightblade, and her fiancé, TSteel.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Well, I’m currently a student that is aiming to receive their degree in Human Services, I always enjoyed helping others if they’re willing to receive it. I’m also TSteel’s fiancé, though we hold a lot of similarities in personality. I tend to be the hard-headed one and the one that gets into arguments or fights if I really believe in the cause. Also I love Uni-Otters, and when someone corrects me and says they’re narwhals, I shed a tear.
What’s the story behind your name?
The story isn’t all too impressive like some other stories the community has seen, and to the disappointment of many, the name does not relate to my personality but to actually anything that is candy, pastry, or just makes you feel happy inside. But the story behind the name itself is one of my best friends works at the Candy Barrel (a candy shop), and she was the same friend that introduced me to a different game that when it came down to name picking I kinda dedicated my IGN to her the best way I can think of without stealing her name.
You wrote a wonderful guide about how to get started in the Prime World community. What was your inspiration for the guide?
(Well, I was aiming to earn the forum talent.)
But a more serious answer was that I was looking through all the guides and a good majority of them talk about the heroes of the game or are about the game itself and how some of the mechanics work. Those were all amazing guides, but there’s more to Prime World than the game itself. Being part of a community is also a part of the game you play, and if you don’t take part in it then you kinda lose a bit of the experience with the game itself. I was inspired by those reasons to make a guide that has a bit of humor but also some tips on how to take the first steps into the community and what other steps you can take to be productive and have fun in it.
Do you have any other New Player guides in the works?
Well, as I told TSteel while making the guide, this will be my one and only guide. I wanted something to focus on and do my best with. But in the process of making this guide I did cut out a few topics that would have been great to example and discuss. I was thinking about adding a few 0.1 and so on updates to the guide with new information. Even though I been apart of the community since closed beta, there is still a lot of stuff for me to learn myself.
How long have you played Prime World?
I’ve been playing since closed beta. I was originally introduced by a friend of mine that sadly had to stop playing for very important reasons, and I know he was saddened about this. I’ve made it a bit of a goal to learn as much as possible so I can show him and maybe teach him what I’ve learned when he is able to come online again.
Favorite hero?
My favorite hero is the Panther/Night Queen. When I first started playing, I remember how I thought she was the weakest hero out of the bunch and spoke on how I would never play that hero. Then one day while I was scrolling down my hero list, I noticed my Panther and for no real reason (I’m sure a lot of people do this) I clicked on her profile and just stared at her stats. And then I saw it: her Wild Rider skin (Or Uni-Cat skin). I just knew I had to buy it and try her out.
Least favorite hero?
Hunter/Marksman. I never liked his playstyle, and I always seem to have bad experiences with him being in my team or on the other team. I know some players could do well with him, but that won’t stop me from picking on them any chance I get.
Favorite mode?
My favorite map is Dragonwald, even though I rarely get a chance to play it. I find it the most different out of any other game maps I’ve played so far. It causes players to strategize a bit and also work as a team to complete a certain goal, which on any game, activity, homework assignment, that’s what I most enjoy and look forward to.
Least favorite mode?
Outpost. I believe it’s too short for how I enjoy playing. And some pretty horrible experiences didn’t help at all. But it does allow those heroes that has a really strong early game have a map for themselves where they can really shine, so I guess I can’t complain much about it. 
What was your first impression of the game?
My first impression of the game was pretty much, “They have a red sid. I’m joining the red side.”
At first, I was just enjoying the game because it was something new and something I could share alongside my friends. The closed beta was a nightmare for me because it was like getting that one toy you always wanted and watching it get taken away from you after two days. The talent system felt really rewarding, and comparing talents with my friends (showing off) was really fun since I never seen a system like that with any other type of MOBA-like game.
What’s your favorite Prime World memory so far?
Well this would have to be a recent memory that I never thought would happen. But Umbrella was explaining how amazing Imps were and how that’s all he needs while playing Pied Piper/Rat Master. I never felt sillier for doubting his belief when a Dragonfly ulted his Imp instead of him while he was running for his life. That was … yeah ..something to see.
Do you have any other hobbies?
Does student count as a forced hobby? But other than being a gamer and student, I’m a pretty average girl. I enjoy shopping and buying owl-like objects (part of my becoming the crazy owl lady plans). I also enjoy going bowling even though I’m not really good at it unless I have the kiddie rails. 
Do you have any advice for newer players?
Try to get active in the community. It does make your Prime World life a lot easier because people are more likely to add those names that they seen before and kinda let people get to know you. Not only that, you can find activities and some exciting information among the forums, Facebook and Twitter pages. [Editor's Note:  And Reddit!] Also guides are your friends, and asking questions instead of letting yourself get frustrated over something never hurts either.
Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Prime World EN
Have you ever wanted to annoy Tsuda/Iamisom in real time? That’s the place to do it! Let them answer your most undying questions like, “Should I get a pet cat?” and a lot more. 
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