Community Member of the Week: OracleDelphi

07 September 2013

Most Prime World YouTube videos feature recorded matches, but there are a few videos that deviate from this standard. Two of those videos, "My First Game of [Playground]" and "Is Soul Reaper OP," are an eccentric first-hand experience of playing our infamous minigame and our love-him-or-hate-him hero. We loved seeing this new direction, so we reached out to creator OracleDelphi to learn more about him and his inspiration.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
In my spare time, I like to nap in the afternoons.
What’s the story behind your name?
I am a Greek mythology nerd, so I get pretty excited about all of those key figures. If I was going against an invisible jungle in LoL, Oracle Elixir would be my first item. No questions asked. After a while, my friends thought it would be funny to just call me Oracle in-game. So one day, I got a name change, and OracleDelphi was born.
We loved your two Prime World videos so far. What was your inspiration for these videos?
Well for the Soul Reaper vid, I just got tired of seeing all the poor hate on him as a champ. As shown in the video, not only did I get my butt kicked my Sturm for half the video, but we also uncovered the fact that Archer was in fact OP.
For the [Playground] video, Beaubeast, IEC’s Grandmaster Zuma (Beaus Deep for short), was trying to explain to me how to [Playground]. So I decided to actually to try it out. The end result was not pretty, so we decided to work on it. After three games of [the Playground] under my belt, I felt comfortable enough to go past level three. So I decided to record me doing just that. Unfortunately, that did not go very well, which is probably why it did not end up in the video.  The song was just thrown in there because I lost a bet to a clanny.
How long does it take you to make a video?
It’s usually anywhere from a couple of days to a week to get the footage, but about two hours to voice over and edit. 
Are you working on any new videos ?
As long as you are our community manager and friend, you can count on there being more videos.
You’re also incredibly active on our forums and in our Prime Battalion. What’s your favorite part about these two platforms?
I get to complain to the community about Strike’s global Earth’s Grasp. Wait, whaaaa? On a more serious note, I like the communal feeling. As for the Battalion, I like the operation feeling it brings and that I get to be able to help out Nival while doing things I like doing. 
Of course, I think everyone in the Battalion will agree that we love how Iamisom always goes Mission Impossible on us. :D
“Your mission… Should you choose to accept will be...” - Iamisom
Have you been this active in a gaming community before?
I have not ran into many communities as dynamic and positive as this one. So unfortunately not.
How long have you played Prime World?
About a couple of weeks now.
Favorite hero?
I can’t live without my Duelist/Prince of Thieves.
Least favorite hero?
The Warlord’s jump is sooooooooooo broken.
Favorite mode?
Least favorite mode?
How did you find out about the game?
Facebook Ad.
What was your first impression of the game?
Mind = Blown.
What’s your favorite Prime World memory so far?
Baiting the enemy team from the Art Temple to my Science Lodge where my team was waiting.
Do you have any other hobbies?
I like to nap and work out.
Do you have any advice for newer players?
Get dragon as soon as possible.
Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I am not ashamed to admit I am the worst [Playground] NA!
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