Prime World Coming to Steam Very Soon

28 August 2013

We’ve heard the complaints. We haven’t advertised our game enough. Matchmaking isn’t working as intended. Queue times are too long. 
That’s all about to change.
In approximately two weeks, we’re launching Prime World on Steam. Steam players will be able to access the game on their favorite platform and play alongside their Steam friends. Players can access the Prime World Community Hub to share guides, screenshots, videos and stories. Stay up-to-date with the game by joining the Official Prime World Steam Group where we’ll send out news and event announcements.
Our game will be added to the Free-to-Play section on Steam, and we’ll receive front-page promotion on the site as well. This, in combination with a promotional push on other sites, should bring in more users to the game. Most of the issues with our game are due to low concurrent population. If we get enough people into the game, and if we can encourage them to come back day after day, this will mean decreased queue times, increased matchmaking balance and increased word-of-mouth about the game.
This is only the beginning.
What you’ve witnessed so far is just the first chapter of the Prime World experience. As we continue, the story of our game and our community will continue to improve. We want to thank everyone who has helped improved the game with their feedback and their continued participation in the game.