MS Paint Monster Contest, No Drawing Skill Required!

23 August 2013

Draw a new monster for the Borderlands jungle, and you can win 200 gold! Here’s the catch:  You can only use MS Paint (or the Mac equivalent). 
This can be any creature you wish. If you lack artistic skills, go for humor or draw an intentional bad creature. Drawing skill is not required (as you can see from our Professionally Designed Banner™).
In your submissions, please include a name for your creature.
Upload your submissions to Imgur and post the BBCode link in the MS Paint Monster Contest Submission/Discussion Thread.
You may post as many designs as you wish in the thread, but you can only officially submit one design for the contest. Please designate the submission you wish to officially submit with the words “OFFICIAL SUBMISSION” next to the name of your creature. We do this so you can post several designs, see what the community likes and then place the design you think will win into the contest. If you do not place the words “OFFICIAL SUBMISSION” next to your creature’s name, we will select a design at random to enter into the contest.
All submissions will be gathered and put to a community vote. You have until Wednesday at 11:59 a.m. EDT to submit your designs. Community voting will run from Wednesday afternoon until 11:59 a.m. EDT Friday, and the winners will be revealed on Friday afternoon.
Good luck!