Community Member of the Week: Punatulkku

22 August 2013

On our forums, you can find a wealth of guides written by our community members. One such guide scribe is Punatulkku. You might remember him from such popular guides as, “Advanced Guide for MOBA Beginners,” “Instructions for MOBA Game Beginners” and “Honey, What Do We Do With the Obese Child in our Backyard?”*
Punatulkku was recommended for Community Member of the Week by LQSoul, oZZie, nichbuuhm, Deviant and killerbyby. Let’s learn more about this popular guide maker.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m 30 years old, I live in Finland, and I have been playing games since the C64. I love cooking, singing and helping others to enjoy games. I love MOBAs and [their] competitive attitude.
What’s the story behind your name?
12 years ago when I started work life, I wanted to start working as a karaoke host. I didn’t want to be “Karaoke Host Mika” ‘cause it was too typical. At that time, I had really red hair and I liked singing, so I thought, “Hmm, what is red and is connected to singing?” And BAM, there it was:  Punatulkku, the Finnish winter bird (a.k.a. bullfinch in English).
You’ve written several great guides for new players. What was your inspiration to do this?
The story of the guides goes like this. Every time a new game is born, the same questions are asked again and again. I decide to step forward and answer those questions so people could enjoy the game more. ‘Cause, let’s face it, who wants to think that some aspect of the game is useless or losing to some specific champion ‘cause you dont know how to counter it? The idea behind the guides is that I’m not forcing anyone to think a certain way, but more like giving a solid stand where you can go experimenting on things that you find suitable for your playing style.
According to our community, you are the best minigame player on the EN server. What’s the secret to your minigame success?
I’m really simple minded when I focus on something, and [Scroll Workshop] is really about speed and eye-hand coordination. When I enter [the Workshop], I usually turn my brains offline and just ask from my team who wants what scroll when I start shooting marbles.
Is the minigame a viable strategic option or a fun diversion?
It’s a bit of both. I really enjoy the music, and the screams I make in my head when suddenly two lanes of marbles pop up. But ye, [Workshop] is the most important thing past 1500 rating in Prime World. The effect of scrolls is just too good to ignore.
How long have you played Prime World?
I think I came in on the second closed beta weekend. I was really bored to current MOBA genre ‘cause it was basically the same but just different heroes. Once me and my friend Jynkky tried this one weekend when he was visiting my place, we fell in love with PW.
Favorite hero?
Quarrier. (Sorry, Darkpython98.) But ye, let’s face it, when Rockwoman throws those hammers and goes flying, it’s screaming time. How does she move so easily? Gosh, she is huge. Go on a diet, Big Mama!
Least favorite hero?
Hmm, this is tricky. I personally don’t really hate a specific hero, ‘cause there is a counter to anything. It’s probably a hero that someone is familiar and knows how to use it.
Favorite mode?
Switcheroo, [Workshop] + free talents and no rating losing, what could be better? Sadly, few has understood how easily you can get talents, especially Oranges when you have right parameters met.
Least favorite mode?
Hmm, no, can’t think of one. Maybe Outpost, ‘cause I lose in there more often than I win. People find too good three-man combinations there.
How did you find out about the game?
I think it was from some Finnish game mag that announced that this game is going to closed beta. And ‘cause I hunt betas to find a good game, it was natural to test a new MOBA.
What was your first impression of the game?
OMG, Heroes of Might and Magic, OMG OMG OMG, MOBA. What, only this small, what the? Must tell to others…
What’s your favorite Prime World memory so far?
Hmm, it’s a few days old, but I managed to get a quadrakill with my maiden. It was hilarious. A flying cow of sheer terror, milk and murder.
Do you have any other hobbies?
I play guitar and sing. Every Thursday I bake something with my fiancée, so I guess it’s called a hobby. Also I like going to the gym and hiking.
Do you have any advice for newer players?
Find a person that likes to help. Ask even the stupidest questions and listen to what they say. If you don’t ask, you won’t learn so easily. To get better, you should watch and learn, mimic and then find your own way to do hero builds and playing styles. If someone says that talent build X is best, but it doesn’t suit you, twitch it a bit until you enjoy playing with it.
Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I personally wish everyone a really fun times at PW. Let’s laugh and cry at battlefields when we meet, and Darkpython98, Quarrier is coming for you.
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*Okay, we totally made up that last one.