Matches Will Be Made, and Queues Will Pop

15 August 2013

Two weeks ago, the Prime World open beta roared to life. Since then, we’ve devoured every forum post, Facebook comment, Tweet, Reddit link and YouTube video trying to figure out how we can improve our game. We are not mind readers, even after blowing $100 on Ms. Tyrell’s Omnipotent Orange Juice potions, so to make up for our psychic shortcomings, we needed you to tell us what features should be fixed, added or removed. After reading all of your feedback so far, you have done so in the most incredible and mature way possible, and we thank you for taking the time and the patience to do so.

The two biggest complaint we faced thus far is with matchmaking fairness and queue times. We are not afraid to admit that we have made some mistakes and were completely surprised by our communities ability to go above and beyond to get to where they are today. Unfortunately, our oversight means that we need to make some immediate changes to restore balance. We will be compensating any players affected by these changes and hope that everyone will understand that this is for the best. We can assure you that all of the changes that are being made in the coming patches will help lower queue times, increase balance in matchmaking, and help restore the games equilibrium for the future.

The following changes are one-time or temporary, and as the matchmaking system improves, we will revert them:

First, the hero selection lobby will start at rank 1300, not 1600. The hero selection lobby allows you to change your hero once a match has been made. This will allow players who are not grouped to create more balanced team compositions before entering the match. This is only temporary.

Second, there will be a one time reduction to hero rating for players above 1500. Any players who above 1500 rating will be reduced to 1500. This will not only reduce queue times significantly at first, but in conjunction with our other changes it will allow players a chance to obtain their true rating for the future. In addition to lowering queue times, it will provide much better matchmaking for players by equalizing ratings. With this change you should no longer see 1100-1200’s matched against 1400-1500’s (unless they are grouped of course).

Third, we will be temporarily disabling Orange Talents earned by our high-ranked players. Any Orange Talents a player has earned will be unbounded and returned to their Library and unable to be bound until further notice. Players will be given three random blue talents per Orange to fill the slots so they may continue playing. Additionally, players will be compensated with Gold to aid in the recovery of new talents to replace them. We underestimated just how quickly players would reach the end game, and unfortunately it has caused quite an upset in the balance by allowing a small percentage of players the ability to replace skill with better talents and staying at the top because of it.

Finally, the temporary new maximum talent upgrade is three stars instead of five stars. Players will be compensated with Gold and Prime Crystals for any upgrades they made before this change. This is to ensure that the power levels of all players does not create another gap once the previous three changes have been made. Again, this is only temporary.

Now more than ever we need you, our loyal beta-testers to continue to help us improve our game and to keep posting your feedback and thoughts. We read everything and appreciate the time you take to tell us how you feel.

Additionally we are adding some features in patch 9.10 that have been asked for many times: disabling the chat filter and keybindings.

While the removal of the chat filter will occur this Thursday (8/15). ***** **** ******** and ** ***** **** with ****** *****. The option to enable or disable the filter will be added in 9.10.

The ability to set custom keybindings will also be added. Players will be able to change these options from inside the Castle menu. Long gone are the days of config files!

We will also be making a fix to our payment system that will resolve issues involving players with multiple accounts under the same payment email (one was registered with an email, one with Facebook) not being able to make purchases.

On a final note, the report system is our other priority. In the meantime, we still want the community to report toxic players, bots and ruffians to Iamisom or Tsuda on the forums. Please include screenshots in your reports. Use F10 to take a screenshot of the action. You can find the screenshots in the Screenshots folder within your Prime World folder. (C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Prime World\Screenshots) We also encourage you to not publicly tell users that you are reporting them as this may provoke them into other aggressive behavior.