Clan Recruitment Day with Free 150K Silver Giveaway

08 August 2013

Tired of playing alone? Want to find good players to help you reach higher ranks?
Join a clan!
In the spirit of joining and recruiting, we’ve dubbed today Clan Recruitment Day. As a matter of fact, we are giving away two free clans this week -- one for the Imperium and one for the Keepers, each worth 150,000 silver. To enter, all you have to do is head to the Clan Giveaway Contest thread on the forums and tell us why you want to start a new clan in 150 words or less. Use the following format in your entries:
Clan Name [Five-Letter Clan Tag]:
Why You Want to Start a Clan:
We’ll choose five entries from each faction and put them to a community vote on Monday!
Why should you join a clan? Clans offer great benefits: 
  • 60+ possible people for you to group with
  • Shiny new clan tag at the front of your name
  • Randomly generated resources
  • Prime Crystals
  • Additional resources when winning Clan Battles
  • Increased Vigor regeneration
  • Additional Mastery Points for Heroes
  • Increased Hero experience from battles
  • and coming soon: Talent Trading with clan mates
Contributing resources to a Clan helps level it up which will unlock all of these great benefits. Don’t forget:  In order to join a Clan you will need to build a Clan House in your Castle first.
Ready to join a clan? Head to the Clans subforum and find the perfect match. Keep in mind that some of these clans may be full. If you have started a clan and are looking for more members, create a thread in the subforum to help your recruitment efforts!